Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fever, fever...go away...~~~

urgh...i think i am about to be sick, again....

urgh...perfect timing...tomorrow's d big day...y now??!


d weather is going crazy lately...it freaks me out...awful...

i am scared.

ok, enough with d rambling.

weird feeling

it's weird....

Have u ever been in a situation where u think that everything is fine but it turns out differently. When the coin flipped, u thought that u were on the right side when actually, it's the other side u should be at...weird.

Hmmm.... I don't know what seems to be wrong but I have this feeling of being rejected. I mean...did I do something wrong? I woke up this morning at about 6.00am... I took my friend to the train station and he was off to work. I went back home. I washed my face (because it was too oily) and the next thing I remember, I was in my bed...fleeing from the miserable world.

I then woke up at about 9.30am. I had my breakfast (Nasi Lemak+Soya Bean) with a friend at the living room. I then hit the shower. I sms-ed a friend; asking if he had printed the notes (for CALL's exam). Yes, he did. In fact, I have been buzzing him with the photocopying thing since...last week perhaps. So, he asked a friend of mine and I to get the notes and photocopy. That's what we did.

Before leaving the house, I passed RM60 to my roommate (it's for the house). He asked me where was I about to go...and I told him that I was off to study. Before photocopying the notes, I have informed him about that and asked if he wants a copy. He said it's ok, coz he ought to get some notes from a friend. That was about it.

After rambling around and hitting behind the bush. The outcome was kind of zero. So much for studying. That was not what I call "study". Too many distractions at McD. I did not even finish answering questions from a single paper. Ridiculous.

My friend and I went home. Starting from that moment, I got this cold shoulder. Not mine or was it mine? I can't even recall. It was awkward. Questions were replied with single words. Weird.

I did not get it then. I was online for a while. Browsed through some pages and hyperlinks+hyper-medias. Baam. That was it. Read a status from facebook. Wow. That was weird. I did not get it. When did I leave someone behind??? Yeah. I did not even dare to wake someone up if that person slept at 6 in the morning. I would not even dare to make noises wondering if he might wake up. I understand of the bad sleeping habit. SO, I guess, he needed to rest.

Tell me something, was I wrong to leave you with your lala-land and leave the house? By right, I should be credited for sparing the peaceful moment for u... I really don't get it which part of my act that made u feel left out????! Have I ever left you??? Wow...if that's the case, I really am a bad figure. Are you expecting something from me? What did I do??? Where did I go wrong???

And...what's with the cold shoulder? What did I do to deserve such treatment? It hurts. It hurts. But that's ok. I completely understand.

I always fly solo I guess..cool...;p

Ok, now I feel really weird...