Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I wanna go to university because...

Wake up...wake up!
The time is almost up!

Malaysian nowadays think that some universities are instruments for social policy. Are we playing a game here? What game are we in? Who's in and who's out?

Over the years, many has discussed an issue (I have no idea what the issue is). In my humble opinion, we have lead a misrepresented idea of social policy. We took the path and we can never revert! Stop looking at the past and start anew! If everyone shall aim for the past, I don't think we can unstitch the tangling ties. Can we?

Logically speaking from the mind, EVERYONE wants to go to universities. By right, competition level intense! Isn't that a good wake up call? I think it is...... Or is it just another brainwashing sentiment from (u-shud-kno-who)?

I am still dreaming I guess... I had dreams while I was sleeping... I have enjoyed the dreaming part...and I kept on dreaming without coming to my sagacious truth. Am I being overjoyed?

Is it time to wake up? Is breakfast ready yet? Too much sleep and excessive dreams make me forget the land I am living for...almost 22 years. I have spent too much time at Neverland. I guess, it's time to head back to my root.

WE have everything which first class universities would have. The facilities are awe-inspiring. BUT we have too mcuh of third class mentalities...Oh, I meant to say MUCH for MCUH.

Reflecting on my practicum days, a teacher (Mr. Selva Manoger) once said; "You guys are very lucky... You have everything! You have the best facilities to study. The problem is.. Most of you guys take it lightly because you know the end of the day, THEY will provide you with everything."

I have to agree...because the 'MOST of you guys..' part includes me. I have been sleeping too much. I skipped classes...freely. I submitted my assignments...indolently. I read my textbooks...negligibly. I go to the library...hardly ever. Wow...looks like I am a quitter afterall...

To think that I managed to walk proudly around this university compound is rather embarrassing. I did not make full use of the privileges given. I have let myself down. I let my family down. I am such a waste for this country. I need to change.

I wanted to go to university because...I want to change.

Will I ever change?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Love me for me

Lately, I have been feeling that I owe myself something. Love. I have not loved myself for quite a period. There's something missing in my life...It is 'love'.

I think I need love. I am incapable to live in this world all by myself. I need somebody to love and love me in return.

I guess, I am ready for love. There's no one really secured a space in my heart before. I don't think there's someone there at the moment either.

Could it be that I am just running in the same circle, with the same motion as before? Perhaps. But, it's ok. As long as I have Me, Myself and I, I'll be ok.

Therefore, I have decided to love myself...more.

I love myself.

To those out there, please love yourself! Give more chances of love for yourself! Open your heart to loving yourself...more!

I love myself!

Love me tender...

Nothing much to say lately......
Just love me dearly and tenderly.

I will try my best to love you with all my heart.....
I hope you will stop the ridicule jealousy by trusting your heart.

I hope it'll work this time.....
Please be my partner of crime.

I love you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It starts with a joke...

People die out of jokes...
Reality check...TRUE!
Is it really necessary to have such joke as a medium of revenge???
Is it really ok till it results to death? Seriously, what kind of joke is that?
What purpose does it serve?
I was thinking...are we that ignorant??? I, with everything around us...

I need oxygen to breathe...

The truth is..I watched a movie just now; "Sorority Rows"...and..

I guess, I have loads of background schemata of "I know what you did last summer" as it became predictable...(mostly)... The killing was quite an improvement, I think...

Anyway, the story starts with a silly joke...and the joke...was DEADLY! How can you use a 'dead' joke to seek for revenge...(to get even with your bf/gf)?! Come on...

Seriously, people can die out of such silly joke.....