Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silent gratitude...(not working...^)

How do you normally respond when someone says "thank you"? Last time I checked, I am still my reply would be.."no problem" or "ur welcum" or "no biggy" or "that's ok"...I mean, that's normal ayte?! Right???

Hey, guess, someone told me, "You should not say "TQ" just to show how nice you are, just keep it to yourself..." whoa...what's up with that? Is my "TQ" not good enough? Come on man..I'm just saying it because he helped me the other day...that's all...

The best part was when he said, "Tak payah la nak TQ aku kalau x e-class! Just keep it to yourself la...". Seriously, PMS ke bro??? I guess, it was my bad saying 'thanks' to him....well, next time, I'll probably just give him my silent gratitude! Wake up dude! Silent gratitude is not much use to anyone!!! Darn...

I know it is so nice to be important...but to me, it is more important to be nice! So, can you at least be nice to me??? Did I do any wrong to you? I swear I have no idea what is going on between us??!!

Anyway, thanks again for the help...I really appreciate it...I am so sorry if I harm you in any way. I promise, I'll stop having business with you next has been nice working with you my friend. Thank you for that...Thanx.

For your kindness (even if they're fake), I thank you!
Remember my friend, one can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind...I hope I have been kind enough to you and your family as well...I love the hurts when small things get in between...please remember me!

Alas, time has turning back man! You've said what you needed to say..and I am sorry to hear that. Spoken words can bring harm to human soul. I wish I could pretend that nothing had happened, but I am just playing a minute role in our relationship. Thank you my friend (at least that's what I like to think about you).

Before I leave, if ever you read this page, I am sorry. I have no other answer to make but thanks, thanks and thanks my friend. For everything!!! Hey, we're even now! happy and keep smiling ok my friend!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kera-O-ke, Okay!

Pheww...what a day...I wish to say that I am happy today, but..not quite close. After the tense and heat in the classroom, Firhan, Naz and I had a sudden plan. We wanted so much to get rid of the tense. We headed to ss18 karaoke cubes....

Oh..i still remember..the cube number..lucky 20. Yeah, yeah..the cubes suck..I kno.I kno..but it's worth my left ear to sing...what's dats suppose to mean?...d songs? Lemme for uncle cracker song, some westlife's, some carpenter's..errmm..wat else...oh old, i think...go away...bug someone else..

Anyway, you should c naz! He can sing man! DOn't belittle him.."SEROJA" mmg hebat!!!..dat was a good punch huh...lepas sikit tensi d kepala dan dada ini..wat else did u sing...errmm...BSB, Nidji??, can't remember...but u were great (xde maknenye)...admit it...u wana sing more..;p just kiddink naz..

Firhan? Of course! The diva...d Anuar Zink..yezza...very nice...dat was a good laugh!!! I can't seem to remember when was d last time I laugh like dat...u were absolutely great (xde maknenye)..but Naz n I hafto admit la..u can do d "tarik-tarik" ears were bleeeding...but it's nice...if u compare to my singings...da la out of tune..sedap plak tu...

Firhan did not wana grab lunch b4 d singing. He's protecting his vocal...x sdap nyanyi suare berminyak..(katenye)..Sonyap hang...n dats wat we did..we were singing and singing and singing...i thot it was raining...maybe i was wrong..or maybe i wasn't afterall..

Then, we grabbed ourselves some soft ice cream...near the elevator...I must tell you...IT'S NOT BAD! should try..ahax...

Wat else..yeah..we were so hungry...n we've decided to lay out butts in KFC...guess who we bumped into? It's Puan Mazelin Arepin..ahax..I guess, she was having lunch there too...ahax..

I must say...I really enjoy my day...the part that we sang the songs...hideously burok (buroknye burok)...oh boy...wat a good laugh..but naz..d seroja-man...i'll never forget that!

I oughta take my shower now! Oh before I go, thank you guys! I really had fun...can't wait for the next kera-o-ke! Thanx again Firhan and Nazri!!!...;p

"Mari menyusun seroja bunga seroja...oooooooo..." - line nazri

p/s-I'm wondering..If a person kills his or her clone, is it murder or suicide??? *wink 


I am so sorry...

Dear friends,
Today, I have made a huge mistake..I am sorry. Please forgive me for my lack of intelligence. I promise to check and study more. I know I am not qualified to teach, yet I am still learning to become one.

For my ignorance, please forgive me. I am terribly sorry. Please correct me if I am wrong my friends. I am still learning as well. I did not mean to insult you with my wrong input. Please forgive me. After today, I'll be more aware of how I convey the message.

I have regretted already, as I reflect on it...I feel so sinful and please forgive me for that. I hope we can still help each other. I feel so embarrassed. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I should have noticed earlier my's past participle (PP), not perfect! Again, I am sorry...

By the way, thank you maam for correcting me. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, but I can't. To my friends, good luck upon your progress! Do not re-live my mistakes! One thing for sure, I promise to change and improve. Before I leave, I wish to say..I am so deeply sorry and please forgive me.
Thank you everyone.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to save ur face?

How to save your face from red and dusty spots? Here's some tips...

When a teacher ask you if you have read the topic, pretend that you have read it and say..."I've read it!"

When some friends ask you about something that they don't kno, just answer.."Oh, this thing this and that...even tho u don't kno..!"

When someone tell you that he/she knows about things, you should say.."No, it's not like that...I kno la, coz bla bla bla...!"

When a friend comes to you and impressed with your collection, just say.."Oh, you don't have this? What a shame, you're so outdated..!"

Pretty much, if you wanna save your face, keep on saying.."Hey, I kno everything!" even tho you don't...coz, trust me, it will save you from bein looked down by peeps...

The truth is,
Isn't the best way to save face is by keeping the mouth shut? It saves the day tho...;p If you ask me about this, I'll probably just nod or shake my head...hafto save my face maa...;p


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday bloody sunday...mindless me ;p

Sunday...why sunday??? Sunday is suppose to be used to be the term for bliss tho...people hanging out with their lovers, partners or whatsoever, we hang out with friends, watching movies..or just strolling at the mall...but today???

We just stay home, watching our friends watching us...ohhh..this is stupid...we should go out and have fun! It's sunday peeps!!! These walls can't accommodate our tolerance anymore...cut the crap now, will thing for sure, my sunday is just like my other sunny and rainy days...ops...

Its always been fun, staying at home, do the laundry, make my breakfast, on-line for a while and staring at the friggin' TSL592 textbook! This is life, now who says life is fair??? Ahax...but, I'm normal tho, hang fire things, till the eleventh hour, errr..I mean, that's what I'm good at...lala..;p

Are we smart enough to say that we're stupid? I guess not..ahax..
Sometimes, I wonder, are people born stupid or do they have to work at it? That's a trivia, isn't it...a lil bit rhetoric tho...ahax..;p Anywho, we are what we are...well, I am stupid, err...most of the time I guess...but I am not that stupid to point at them, saying "Hey, you're so stupid!" To me, it's a silly thing to do...those who are really stupid and dumb enough can't really see how stupid they are..and they end up thinking that they're it up guys...;p

There must be reasons for everything ayte?? Is it true? What if I tell you, we don't need reason to do things that we do...sometimes, we just do what we do, without having a thought about it...sounds mindless isn't it...well, kudos for us then for being smart in our it up...;p That's me..I am good in ignoring my ignorance..ahax...

Chop, chop..better get goin with my lovely Vovi book...My rate for failing tomorrow?..err...7.45/10...yum yum...Ok, c ya later Mr. Bloggy..playsafe today, don't be too notty okay?!..daa..

p/s - My second class horror is being horrified by flat-rats in the toilet...;p

Friday, February 13, 2009

A cheapskate's blessing...ahax..;p

Hye there... its another day to cheer up, I guess...err... If you are asked this question, how would you respond to it?

"I've found someone and I think I like him, are you gonna b okay with it?"

Ahax, exactly...weird and awkward isn't it...but I was hell out of marble in my hands. Here's how I responded:

"Why would I not be ok? I'm glad that you've found someone... and why would I worry bout u when I have my struggling mom to worry about?!!"

As I expected, the person said..."You sound mad, r u mad at me?". "I was not mad dear.. I am just saying, if you're happy with that guy, I'd say...y not...its your call..and I am happy for you." Go on gurl, you have my blessing.

Huhu, life is interesting tho. The best part is, the person found me someone too...think about bein nice, huh?!...Are you kidding me? Serious shit, has he got a friend for me? Or has he got me a friend's friend??? What am I, a cheapskate????? Hey, ni niza la!!! name is Ahmad Niza Syazre la! I don't need that kind of offer...for crying out loud...I was doin you a favor by letting u off my boat la dear...huhu..

I am happy least, I don't hafto think hard enuff for that person..finally..ahax.. Today is Friday the 13th.. I've had my 'nightmare'...well, sort of...or maybe not... I had a dream last nite.. In my dream, I was a housemate of a multi-bilionaire. One day, he had a secret affair with me and we slept together...his wife didn't kno at first...To me, he was okay...i'm guessing, he's a 35yo hunk. Ahax...what a dream...and the worst part is...I look unsightly hideous in the dream...damn...can you c the double stress there? Oh well...

I am listening to Broken Glass by Steve Walsh. I look into the mirror to see if I'm alright. Guess what, I am alright (thinking of crimes in mind)..huhu..just another day to go on, ayte... So, I guess, I'll c u around Mr. Bloggy...

p/s - Just finished watching "Slumdog Millionaire". Gosht, that's a one great movie to watch! and...sadly walking on the real asphalt road! ;(

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember the day?

Remember the day?

Remember the day?
The day when you and I walked together on the pavement..
I wish to tell you how happy I was...but I didn't..

Remember the day?
The day when you saw me naked and you laughed..
I was out of I let myself ran free in the house..;p

Remember the day?
The day when you said you were proud of me?
That's the best day of my life..

Remember the day?
The day that I told you "I'm leaving"?
Well, I already did, long before you've noticed..

Remember the day?
When you chased me away out of nothing?
I have no regret for that, still I don't..

Today is February 12, Thursday,
I'm muted in color, pink turns to grey..
I am honestly sorry for letting things go astray.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yay...finally..after few weeks of worrying about not having enough supply..I got it! is hard to find the supplies...just after the dinner, my best buddies and I went to shop some supplies... Hmmm..I think I bought 10 of them.. thank goodness.

After this, I won't be complaining about the short in my stuffs. Let's just say, I will survive for the time being. The supplies for my HAPPYDENT! Yippie-ya-yay! I will survive... Pretty much, that's my supply...ahax...

Just before I headed to clean the toilet, my buddies and I did the so called 120-sit-ups. It was friggin tiring...ayyo.. Ni sume tajul punye pasal..da ade 5 pack da on my tummy...uwauwauwa.... and I am tired...

Gosht, there are still gallons of assignments to do...Gee...I wonder if it's even concise. Ahax...Oh well, I am gonna watch some movies afterwards... Later Mr. Homeworks..lalalalla....walking in the sunshine...;p


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sakit Perut.....this is life..;(

Uwaaa.....this is worse than period's friggin annoying. I had to wake up FREQUENTLY since 3am...there goes my beauty sleep...haiz...the truth's my fault..uwaaaa..

It's been a while since I last had the 'Clenx Tea'...that explains why... I had two of those last night. TWO sachets of unbelievably-but-believe-it tea. Sakit parut...uwaaaa..

I have no idea what am I writing has been like...ages...since my last post..sorry Mr. Bloggy..there were too much going on...and with us...but it's not you, it's me..seriously, please forgive me.

I miss my family....I miss ab0h...I miss bros and my lil sister...I miss my cats...I miss the beach and the breeze. Why isn't there any beaches here? Why, why?? this real life? Wake me up please....

My life has never been better than this. There's a lot of changes going on. A lot of peeeps buzzin on and off recently. That's ok..Hey, I am still breathing, at least. Yeah right. I wonder how my life would be without them? Life is the new term for misery, I guess...(Period)

So far, I am satiated with my shoe size. There's nothing wrong with it. They fit me.."ngam-ngam" Why would I be so silly to wear another which their size are two-inches smaller than what they are now...haiz.. Life goes on...look what the front has to offer, and walk straight ahead...jalan mesti ke depan, bukan ke belakang...

Happiness? Yeah...I am happy now...I guess, the catch-phrase "Everything happens for a reason" is not entirely wrong. Ahax...People can lie but their eyes do not lie! It takes time to know someone...I miss the persons who really know me...or at least, claiming they know me, just a portion of me...ahax..

I am in love with "Your Eyes Don't Lie" by D. Archuleta. The song is so meaningful but casually sarcastic. I love it...till the very last second of silence. Huh?! Don't ask me, ask Archie..

I am growing up now...excluding the 'getting taller' part...but I am moving on with that phase. Chase me if you can..I am three steps ahead of you...ahax..

Finally, I am less-proudly to say that..I still procrastinate! Uwaaa....why, why? Seriously, who doesn't? What am I........aimi?? I wish I can be more like her...but it's not my calling...and it's not my tempo. Maybe one day...bwekk...

Oh...speaking of which..that's my call...Sakit perut...uwaaa...this is my period pain, crrraaap..;(