Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bangau oh bangau...

Things to ponder today:-

Open your heart and listen
1. Power struggle:
What will you do if a student tries to hook you in by making you feel guilty or responsible for the low mark you give in the test or for the draft? Are you going to give in or being "hooked in"? Are you going to be angry? Are you going to ignore?

I had the case of such power struggle in my classroom today. It was a bit hard as the student (she) stood up with her points without acknowledging my comment. I have reasons for saying "This is improper, this is inappropriate, this sounds rather awkward and wrong, you should rephrase....." It's not that I put a hold on her paper for only one time!!! I had to go through and re-read everything before I gave her the marks she deserves. Seriously, it was a major headache.  (Sigh). If...and only if she could consider how the situation would end up...Chillax ok guys?!...Why resort to being so defiant?!

As for me, I have tried my very best to avoid any sort of power struggle in my practice. It used to be easy. Seriously. I used to give the responsibility back to the students so they will be aware of the consequences. As long as I keep focusing on students' choices and explain the consequences, it is fine. I don't focus thing on me because...there's no 'win-win' situation. When I analyze today's appears on my mind: "Could it be that she just wants to get attention? Could it be that this is one attention-getting behavior?"

I am aware that some students are just stubborn and argumentative. Some will go to the extent of fighting with the teachers/lecturers regarding the rules or assignments. This kind of behavior portrayed by students only leads me to a route where power struggle occurs. These students want to dominate and engage me into fighting them. It won't work guys!!! I don't entertain any attention-seekers that much, for that matter. This is a university. Whatever you get for your mark is totally what you deserve. I cannot afford of awarding you high marks if you don't deserve it. Besides, I have no reason to fail you if you don't deserve to fail. Do we have some understanding here?! It is mutual. 

I still remember...back when I was a student. A wise educator of mine; Pn. Rohaya always preaches this chant; "Love the knowledge, love the ones who share the knowledge and love every opportunity to seek for the knowledge". One must respect the knowledge and open his/her heart to seek wisdom. Puan Rohaya always rationalizes her principles based on "Adab Menuntut Ilmu" by Imam Al-Ghazali. Where is the "wisdom" spirit in students nowadays?!

Is this too heavy to carry?
2. Dictionary:
Students nowadays are lack in terms of respecting the nur, hidayah and the wisdom of knowledge. Eight or nine weeks ago, students brought dictionary into the classroom. VERY GOOD! Today??? The dictionary is just a mere tool or leg to support a broken bed. Literally.

3. Assignments:
Assignments??? My students used to be very diligent and normally submit their assignments on time. It is good that they exhibit some effort to attain what they have always been dreaming of (getting an "A+++"). Today? They do not even remember the given assignments. Some even pretends not to know or have not being informed about the existence of such assignments. Very good!!! ;p

4. Group discussion:
When you have agreed to take turns, you must follow and stick to it. Do not come and tell me: "I'm sorry Mr. Niza, our group cannot present today because one of our group members is absent... I don't know where he/she is. Perhaps, he/she is still celebrating the Raya at home..."...Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut....!@#$%^&*&&^...Here's an advice: Do not waste your friends' time and do not waste my time!

One more scenario:
You have more than enough time to prepare for the discussion and how could you come to class and; "Mr. Niza, we cannot present today...can we do it tomorrow? We are not ready..." NOT READY eyh?! Not ready my ar** then!!! huhu...

Oh boy, I could not say that in class... I'm a weakling! Of course I gave them a chance. It is okay if you want to do it later, say...tomorrow?!...But you have to take risk of giving me the BEST discussion ever! Do not come to class and give me a 'scripted' discussion. I am NOT a robot that is going to analyze your discussion!!!

5. Absenteeism:
This is getting serious. Last two months were delightful for me as students were present and very minor absenteeism could be detected.

Jangan lah ponteng, please..;(
Right before raya: My 311 students were absent. I would say...over 48% were absent!!!! Who am I to you??? A house maid?! A garbage cleaner?! An insignificant character while you are mani-padi-ing at UiTM??! For goodness sake....if you do not want to appreciate me, please have some respect for your friends. What are your insignificant reasons???! Going back for raya???? Urghhh... Stop bangau-ing!!

Today: After two weeks of break. My 311 students. Some of the boys were absent. It breaks my heart... It's ok...only a couple of weeks left. Ya Allah, I beg for your mercy to give me some strength and crave some smile on my face...ameen.

Afterall, it's your attendance and participation. Not mine, am I not right?! *wink*

Good luck guys!!! ;p

Ok. That's all for today. Hehe....(just for the sake of updating this blog)

Toodles ;p

Thursday, September 2, 2010


To all,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...

Let us take a moment to praise Allah and be thankful to Him for the luxury of being here to celebrate this glorious day. Say Alhamdulillah.

Have fun and enjoy yourself among families and friends. Be happy and keep making other people around you happy. Let us bring happiness to all.

Treasure this moment to seek for forgiveness and forgive others. Let bygones be bygones.

I am utterly sorry if ever I made any mistakes or hurt you by any chance...Please forgive me as I am just an ordinary human being who will gradually make mistakes.

That's all...

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir & Batin