Sunday, May 14, 2017

The beginning of an end

Hiya there,

Wah..catchy phrase there. 'The beginning of an end'. It does not make sense if I say this now. It is just for us to prepare for what is about to come later. I wish to say 'the end of a beginning' but even that does not make any sense since we started this long ago.

Ok, I rambled.

Perhaps this will mark a period before we really end this (whatever you call it) relationship. Though this post might be exclusively written for a specific audience (you), if others (presumably you, you and you) happen to read it too, feel free to use your wild imagination.

Trust is expensive. I trusted you once. Wait. No. More than once. Today, I find it hard to trust you. Tell me, is it wrong for me to doubt you? I know you took the pictures not for my attention, nor for hers. So? I have a feeling that another agenda came in between those pics.

I know you have been repeating whatever wrong you did to me. I know you have been reaching out to another 'weird (if not bent) creatures' out there. Behind my back. Yes, you must be lonely that's why you started... again. Relapse? Perhaps. Lust? Definitely. Saja-saja? No way.

Carry on. If one day, I found out.. kantoi.. whatever you name it, it will be the end of everything. Honestly, between you and my instict, I trust mine more. So blame me if I'm being too outpushy.