Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 7, Day 3...Blackout!

29 July 2009. Wednesday. As soon as I finished blocking some teachers cars, I went to the office. No electricity!!!! No way........................ was a steamy day in the teachers room. Even the principal had to cancel 1.10pm class because it was blazing hot! Yeah, no kidding. I could not stop hand-fanning myself...swoooosh...

Puan Nirmala and I were gossiping about some school matter....hmmm, I think she was complaining on her kid's school for asking them to buy some hardware stuffs on their own (KH). Hehe...

Nadiah asked me: "Cikgu, ade khemah x?" Me; "Nope, x de la nadiah, nape?". "Ala, saye xnak la tido dgn dorang....". Hmmm.... That was weird. And awkward. Haha.

I have established my fierceness (again) with 1C. I punished them fairly today. Guess what, they behaved throughout my periods! WOW. When Yunothan asked me; "Sir, why are you doing this to us?", I just replied; "Tell you the truth, I don' know what to teach you guys today (smiling+giggling)". Then, both of us were laughing. Seriously, I had migraine due to the steaminess in the blazing sun. Thus, I had no idea what to teach...the best I could do was to get them behave...and it worked!!! Oh yeah, I also punished them to sing "Keranamu Malaysia" in front of the hall (in one row). It's like a choir going on.... They were all like; "Cikgu, tak mau la...malu maa...". And I just said; "It's ok, suare kamu semue kan sedap...hah, nyanyilah...." The funniest part was when Sim Yee said; "Cikgu, ini bukan merdeka maa!!!"....Muahahahahahhahaha...I love you guys, but you need to behave..not just to me, to other teachers as well!

Later in the evening, I was visited by three beautiful people; Zafi, Yara and...'can't remember her lovely name'. They were observing me teaching 2C. Aiyya... I had no idea what to teach... I just taught them "How to write a dialogue". It was easy...since they all said...."Yes, yes, yes..." throughout the lesson. (Sigh)

The worst part was when I drove back home. It was darn congested. At 7.08pm, I was still in Klang...still some miles away from the construction area! Why? Why? So, I stucked in the congested sea...with so many expensive fish-cars....for I don't know how long...

Toodles ;p

p/s - I am counting my days for the camp. Yooohoo...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 7, Day 2...I love you too, pretty girls...

Hirashini: "Hye handsome boy!"
Me: "Hye pretty girls.."(to all girls there) ;p

28 July 2009. Tuesday. Hirashini and Joanne greeted me. It's nice to have you guys around (even though you skipped my assignments!). Guys like you who make me smile at the end of the day...mostly..hehe...I love you too, pretty girls!

Today? Hmm..nothing much happened today except 2D was scared of me! I had no idea why..I guess, it's because of yesterday's event...How unfortunate..Ahax...How I wish you guys can behave like this everyday. Even more surprising was: Raja and Hasrul were in the class even though they were 'DIREHATKAN' till this Thursday.

I taught them grammar, SUCCESSFULLY! Wow...I am impressed with myself...I guess, it takes me to kick all desks to get you guys learn, ayte..ahahahahha...

I have also relieved 2C and 2E today. Hmm..Should I say; FUN?! DEFINITELY! I taught Mathematics for 2C. It was about geometrical construction and the perpendicular bisector by just using pencil and a pair of compass etc etc... Lucky I still memorized how to...(based on my MM and LK knowledge). I love teaching them those stuffs...It was fun.

Dr. Izaham canceled his plan to come today. Huhu. I have informed him that I will not be teaching this Friday..because, I will be off to Sungai Dusun at 3pm.

Mr Selva was furious (mengamuk) today. Seriously, I have never seen him, in such anger. It was one of my student; Vickneswaran (2D) who was rude, I think. Pity both of them.

That's all for now. Toodles ;p

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 7, Day 1...I need another lifeline!

It's Monday, 27 July 2009. My day went perfect with 2C. I taught them literature (successfully). We were role-playing today. It was fun, wasn't it? Hehe... I told you guys ;p Hehe..

It was darn irking, waiting in the teachers room...without any relief! I wanted my relief! I recall, it would be a disaster if I were given relief duties...NOT ANYMORE! I am craving for relief duties.........yummy....Give me more!

Today, I hang out with 'Puan-Puan' (Pn Azah, Pn Noraizan, Pn Noraini and some others). We were chatting and chatting and gossipping about school and stuffs. It was funny, noticing how one thing leads to another...and another... It started from "Babies and stuffs" until "Scott's Emulsion". Don't ask me anything..I have no idea myself....

Then, jeng jeng jeng... I found out that MOST of my 2D students were absent. When I asked around, they said; "Mereka DIREHATKAN". What's that suppose to mean..Oh, its another word for "DIGANTUNG". Ayya...How was I suppose to teach?

Fine, I explained in depth Chapter 9 (The Phantom of the Opera) for the first period. Suddenly, some students were fighting! HARDCORE. Now it has became a serious issue. It has became a racial agenda. DAMN! I hate this. I was not prepared for this. When I went to the office, looking for the PSP book, they were begging me (like kitties begging for milk) not to 'grant' them any penalty point. "Cikgu, kalu cikgu bagi penalti, nanti saye kene buang sekolah...."

Even worse. I could not hold my fury for a minute or two. I scolded them, I shouted and I kicked the desks. I felt bad for the others who wanted to learn (yeah right, who am I kidding? Nobody listened). It was seriously like a cage-fight! Shafiq VS Singh! 12 seconds later, they were joined by Epul and Firdaus Semaon. 13 seconds later, Geethan, Bala and Kishok joined them! What was that???????????????????

Gosht, I need another lifeline. I need a saviour. I need you. I hope they will not make any mess with me tomorrow.

On my way to my car -- Some teachers told me; "Niza, garangnye awak awak tadi....sampai syafiq lari keluar kelas....". Me?..."Taklah, syafiq lari sebab dy ingat saye nak report kat cikgu Hijazi...saye just nak amik buku PSP je..."...Others?.."Sabarla niza, kami pun da tekanan mental layan bebudak 2D tu..."

Hmmmm...I know I can control 2D...when they are noisy and minorly misdemeaning. BUT, FIGHTING and RACIAL FIGHT are serious crimes! Help me, somebody....please.....T_T

Sunday, July 26, 2009

U made my day ;p

Hehe...thank you dear.
U really made my day.

Thanx for the treat...

Thanx for the kiss...

Thanx for tonight...

B happy and smile dear.

Ur a sweet person, yup.
Ahax...thanx again ;p

Till we meet again ;p

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week 6 (20-24 July 2009)

Everyday is a new day now. With challenges pouring, I'll just keep my poker face straight.

It was a bit poky though...I mean, with some new teachers coming in... Oh yeah, last week was about 'blocking'. I have blocked some teachers' cars and mine was blocked by some teachers. It's funny somehow. I guess the school is too poky now.

Nithiya? Oh, what a lovely gift. She gave me a key chain with my name on it. Nice. Sha also taught me some useful Tamil expression for me to survive. The funniest part was when she said; "Alaga irukinge!"..It means; "Kamu ini cantiklah!" Ahax... "Illege! Nithiya..." It means.."taklah! Nithiya" Muahahahaha...Nandri for teaching me those.

What else? Meetings. On Thursday, I have strained myself to sit in the meeting room from 12.30pm - 4.30pm. WOW. Actually, it was a two meetings pack. Weekly meeting + Co-Curricular Meeting. OMG, I still cannot believe the fact that I need to be the 'Penolong Kem Komandan'..Muahahahhaha...Nuar, I am depending on you tho....

Friday? Oh...interesting. I have relieved 2C for 5 periods, non-stop! But it was easy...I just got them to watch a movie; Stepmom. Hahahahha...served you right guys.... I have informed Puan Vickneswari the day earlier...and she said..."Thanx Niza, you'll do me a favour if you take over my periods". Her periods were actually after my English periods with 2C. So, altogether: 1 period (Agama)+2 periods (English)+2 periods (Sejarah)=5.

I taught them "Akhlak - Wawasan Ibadah" during my relief duty for Pn Fadiah. was fun. Hairian did not write anything in his book...T_T. Nadiah was in that class as well, she asked me; "Cikgu, bile nak date dengan saye?" I just ignored her. The best part was when they earlier planned to skip Agama's class. BUT, when they saw me in Bilik Agama, they were like; "Eh tak jadi pontengla, cikgu niza ganti la...." I was like...dam, dam, dam, dam (Heavenly sounded myself). It was fun...until they requested to have an early recess. T_T

I guess, it is not bad after all to be a teacher at that school. There will be ups and downs. That is life. The point is for you to look for fun while working.

That's a wrap for Week 6. Now I can flip the next page of the attendance sheets..yippie! ;p

Toodles ;p

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 5, Day 5+6...Sensual!

It was Friday, 17 July 2009. The exam was over. Everyone was looking forward to collect their marks. The students, I mean.

Chen Yi, Mei Kha, Singh, Wei Xin, Yong Chuan, Kaushalya were asking for theirs. Where are the Malays? Hmmm.... I have just finished marking their papers, just now....;p Only one person from 2C scores A. Nobody from 2D scores A. Whoa. That is something.

Argh...the Remove Class, again! I did some games with them and they loved it for the first period. Then, they asked to go for an 'early' recess. Ayya.... I have failed to make them stay in the class...SO, they were wandering homeless people, begging for food. That's weird. Koo Kah Poh was the most notorious boy in that class. So, I punished him..(hehe, not really). I played with him some kind of language riddle game...and he lost. SO, he had to stay as promised.

What else? Oh, I think that's all for that day.


18 July 2009. Saturday. It's my very first LADAP day! "Latihan Dalam Pengurusan". The topic was.."Effective Leadership". It was fun...seriously! I thought it was going to be extremely boring...But, it turned be more than fun!

Mr Sharizan is from Unit Kaunseling JPS (Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor). He was so cooooool. When he did the PERASA (pembimbing rakan sebaya) thing, obviously, all teachers showed their childish behaviour....I missed seing those hanky panky actions anyway. to describe it...SENSUAL. Yup. When Cikgu Amly returned tha 'favor' for me, I was like....'alamak'.... Cikgu Arud has been naughty too....toing toing. Thanks for the treat sir!

SUddenly, all teachers enjoyed watching our 'sensual' action. It was actually part of the program. I was hugging my mentor, Mr Arud. We were like, inseparable....more like the father-son hug. I must say...I love it...

The food? Remarkable.... Feels like attending some kind of Malay wedding ceremony. Thanks everyone...and thanks to Ms Liza for he willingness to have lunch with me. Miss Liza; "Niza, I think you better go and eat with your teachers la...I think they are looking at us now...". Me; "Naah, no need. So?"

p/s - I don't care what people think when I sat and had lunch with the Mak Guard. SO what????

Toodles ;p

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 5, Day 4...I love you teacher!

16 July 2009. "I love you teacher!".

"Yes, I love you too then, thank you." That actually made my day. Pssst, I have no idea who that was anyway...;p

The day started off by me submitting the SOP report. Yeah. They were like..."Assalamualaikum YB..." Darn..I hate wearing batik inside the Faculty of Education!

12.20pm. 10 more minutes before the weekly meeting. Uhuuu... Ok. Today's deal was...err...mostly about H1N1. "p/s - kuat betul cikgu ghani burp tadi...hnsss..."

My first stop was 2D. They were busy finishing their piece of arts (PS paper). Sigh. Period. If only they could do the same for English, that would be...(pling pling...- sound from heaven)

3.00pm. I distributed the ICT exam papers for 2D. Chaotic. They were asking me.."What's this, what's that"...and bla, bla, bla... Me? "Oh, let me check ok...err, its NANMA!". Them? "Huh, ape ni cikgu???"..."It's NONE OF MY BUSINESS"...ahax. Did I have a second thought? Naaa, why should I give them the answers???

Later, my class was taken over by Puan Azah. She shouted here and there to keep students focused and stop asking questions. Lalalalala. I love you 2D. (T_T)

Today, I have learned that Sharil's father (2G) is a wealthy guy. Sharil actually has a brother who studies during the morning session. His brother is in form 5 if I am not mistaken. I was informed that his brother belongs to some kind of gangters in Klang. Ooooo...scary. Well, that's normal for this school.

I had a relief duty with the Remove Class. Urgh. Again? Hehe... turned out ok this time. They were behaving and remained in the class as I gave them some games to play with. Suddenly, my last 5 minutes bacame haywire when they suddenly picked a fight. It was a fight between 'the' Indian boy and 'that' Chinese boy...haha, not that you know them ayte...;p So I asked them to go to En Hijazi's room to sort things out. Hmmm...why my last 5 minutes, why????

I had a good day...thanks to my mentor; Mr Arud. He said.."Nice game cikgu seems like these students keep requesting it, even from it taken from NST?"..."Definitely sir!"..."Maybe I should try it too la, may I?"..."By all means sir..". I love the fact that he loves to comfort me...whenever I face problems in teaching his students. I love listening to his tips and advices. He has that father-like figure to me. Thanx Papa...;p uiks..

I love everyone at my school...I love you dearly....Thanks for having me there! TQ TQ TQ.

Toodles ;p

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 5, Day 3... Excellent!

15 July 2009. The second day of Penilaian Kurikulum 2 SMKSI.

First stop was...Puan Hjh Mawarni's room... I opened my record book..."EXCELLENT". Wow...Thank you Puan! "Relief classes - excellent!" Yippie. A comment from Mr Hijazi; "Good!"....Uwaaa.... I am so excited. That makes my day ;p

Then, 1E. The paper was..."Mathematics". Muahahahaha...Today, I have established my authority in front of those kids... I think they were scared....hehe..come on guys, I won't eat you. I refused to distribute their exam papers until they behave and clean up the class... Tadaa... I did not shout today... I just kicked one of the desks really hard and made them clean up the mess. Them? Aha...they were scared and behaved. I started the exam 10 minutes late. Anil and Durugen complained a bit... Do I look like I care???? It's not that they care anyway....So?

The class went silent till the end of the paper. Seriously. Cool. Thank goodness.

Today, I hang out with En Hijazi (Noon Supervisor), En Amran (Senior Assistant 2) and En Ali (Counselor) at the canteen. They talked about grown up stuffs...It's not fair..."Ala cikgu, mane aci, saye pun nak tau ape maksud cikgu dgn 'berus sabut' tu??" I am guessing it has something to do with sexually implicit stuff. Seriously guys, what is the meaning of 'berus sabut' when someone wants to 'sleep'..???...Oh ok, Now I get it..I get it.... Darn...lucahnye.

The next stop was 2C... It's 'Pendidikan Islam/Moral' time. Debish.... I think I have helped them a lot answering the questions... Come on guys... It's easy. Takkan tak ingat kot name malaikat....Hoho...

Today, I have learned that: Students tend to be influenced with what teachers do. Puan Noraizan told me that some students claimed that I am ok with whatever they do...Hmmm...Since when? As far as I recall, I told my students that I just wear T-shirt at home... Suddenly, they said its ok to wear T-shirt (round neck) at school because Sir Niza said its ok... Huh??? Come on, I am a professional... I don't do those kind of stuff.... Be smart guys when you use my anybody listening?

I have also made friend with a boy from 2G. His name is Sharil. He originally comes from Sempoerna, Sabah. He can't read well and he can't write/spell well. Well, that explains why he is in 2G. He is a good boy. He told me that his father has a severe heart ailment. I feel sorry for him. He seems to be independent though and he does not mix with his classmates well. When I ask why, they said; "Dia pelik la cikgu...x pandai cakap melayu..." So, I offered Sharil help whenever he needs it... I promise I'll be there for you Sharil. Let's work this out together ok. ;p

Soon as I entered 2G (relief), they were clapping and pleasing the previous teacher to leave the class. They were cheering for me... Why???? No wonder, they were asking the answers from me... Fikri, NO! Puah, NO!, Azlina, "Awak memang x nak jawab langsung ke???"... They rebelled... They left their papers without filling in the answers... (Sigh)

Mr Arud thanked me for correcting him regarding his answer scheme. No problem sir..."Sir, can you help me with this, I don't know how to give marks for summary section". "Ok, no problem niza, let's mark the papers together later, ok....".. Cool... I love that idea... I love you Sir Arud!

Well, that's all for now. I love my school no matter how bad the students are. They are not bad, they are just kids. On top of all, they are my boys and girls! I'll ask Raja Faiz (2D) to sing me a song next week....wait and see....;p

Toodles ;p

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 5, Day 2...Culture shock!

14 July 2009. Culture shock. Wow. I have never seen and experienced exam with such mess. I mean, its weird. Is this what they call exam in SMKSI????!

Earlier on, I had a meeting (Mesyuarat Khas Disiplin/Program Masih Ada Yang Sayang) with all noon teachers, including Mrs Principal. many 2D students in that list (problematic students). WOW! Am I supposed to be frightened? Naa... I am ok with it now. It's the norm there.

The exam??? OMG...its like a triple OMG already! I wonder how they can possibly answer the questions with such noise. It's worse than the typical daily class. They were like making excessive noise...They were walking here and there...completely free! When I shouted, they were sitting properly...just for 5 minutes. I thought I have failed for my classroom management... But, it turned out....everyone was facing the same problem. Even the senior teachers too. Cool...errr... Dang me dang me...

Sejarah. The paper consists of 40 questions. Some subjectives and some MCQs. Most of 2E students answered all questions in just 15 minutes. When I looked at one of the answers...Rahimi: "British telah memerintah Tanah Melayu selama TEBU...." Tebu???? What on earth is that? Come on guys, nak tembak pun, biarla logik sket....

KHB. Shin Jean: "Paku ferus ialah dari jenis BOTOL AIR." Huh??? What is wrong with you guys??? Seriously, I had migraine just now.... It's an utter shock for me!

When I reported to Mr Selva, he simply said.."Niza, I've been teaching here for 10 years. Let me tell you aa, this school is 'different'. They are not interested in studies. They could not be bothered with whatever punishment we give." I was like..."Yeah, no kidding sir...."

Seriously, what is wrong????? This is EXAM guys! Be serious!!!! Naa..who am I kidding right... Let's just's one of my lucky days at SMKSI.

Today, I confronted a girl...ops, I am sorry, I can't expose her name here. She flirted with me weeks ago. She even asked me to have sex with her. So I asked her, "Kenape awak mcm ni??? Awak form 2..."..and yadda yadda yadda... Today, I have learned that she became addicted to sex since Standard 6. STANDARD 6! She was raped! Pathetic+Sadistic! Ok...I think that's all before I spill more details. Let it be a secret. I am sorry for her though. T_T

Now, you can imagine how extreme my school is, right. Like they say, never judge a book by its cover. DEFINITELY! ABSOLUTELY!

Urghhhhh..culture shock, culture shock...migraine, migraine......

That's all for now, toodles ;p

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 5, Day, so what???

13 July 2009. It's Monday. During the weekly assembly, I sat next to the new teacher; Ms Dubashini...she told me some jokes during her first week teaching....LOL..You'll get use to it dear.

First stop was 2C. It's revision day (according to my lesson plan). Yup. I gave them some practices on "Meaning in context". They kept asking me questions...gazillions of them. "Come on guys, there's only one ME. and..where are your dictionaries???" Hmmm....

1.45pm. I had to leave the class...and I've put Man Man (Double M) in charge of the class. I had to attend a meeting with the principal (Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Hari Perkhemahan Unit Beruniform). Ika, Ifa and Nuar were already there...I guess, I was a bit late...sorry, duty comes first everyone!

What a surprise. Nuar and I will be in charge of the 'komandan' thingy...and also the safety of the students. Gosht.... That's not just about it. All trainees will also need to handle the 'ice-breaking' session. Ika and Ifa are the 'malam kebudayaan' ladies. Bestnye korang! Uwaaa....Nevertheless, I must say..I am pretty excited though.

The camping will officially start on Friday, 31 July 2009 till 2 August 2009, Sunday. Where? Oh yeah..."Hutan Reservasi Hidupan Liar, Sg. Dusun, Kuala Kubu Baru"... I have no idea where is that...but it's in Selangor for sure. last 'perkhemahan'.....errr... I think it was in Form 3...was it Ekhwan? Yup..I think so. So, I am looking forward for this meals...mandi manda....yeay!!!!

I got no relief duty today. I was a bit sad...The fact that I had nothing to do...this resulted to my bad sleeping manner in the teacher's room...Haiz, how I wish one of my students would come and massage me so I won't sleep.

5.35pm. 2D. Yup..I still engaged my MEAN method. I asked them if they bring their handouts...5% only! WOW. Balamurali asked for extra copy. "NO!" I already gave I did something bad to him (I am sorry, I can't expose it here). Low Sheng Loong sneaked behind me and 'stole' a piece of handout from my plastic bag. I went to him. I grabbed the paper and I tore the paper in two pieces. "Puas hati??" The class went silent for a while..."Korang x nak buat, jangan jadi bodoh boleh x?" I had no idea why I said that. SO I wrote all answers on the board. "Jayanthi, where's your paper???". "I forgot to bring la sir". "Ok, next time, you don't have to come to my class...". Lucky that Jayanthi has begged me for forgiveness. I was glad that all Chinese girls did the homework given and they were so eager to know the answers. Good job guys.

"Raja, would you like to learn something today??". "Xpe la cikgu, saye duk senyap2 kat sini". and he started to sing Bunkface's song at the back. "Ko xnak blajar xpe, please get out...". But he stayed. And the crappy, old 'radio' went off.

Jeng jeng jeng. Suddenly, I caught somebody bringing porn CDs to the class. I was a bit furious. So I asked all of them to get out from the class and I did my own spot check. Guess what, there were some CDs, x-rated CDs in the pink bag! I have thrown their bags at the back of the class. I guess they hated me so much that time. I asked them to come in and collect their bags. I see, the CDs belong to one of the Indian girls. SO I asked; "Sape punye ni????" Nobody admitted anything. SO I broke the CDs in two pieces. There were 3 CDs. "Puas hati??? AKu tau sape what if it's porn??? So??? Ko nak simpan, simpan kt rumah sudah la...lantak la, malas aku nk campur". I then asked two of the prefects to carry the broken CDs to Mr Selva (noon discipline teacher).

Later, I made them playing a language game. I had to force them somehow... No kidding. After a series of 'sudden shock' just now. Drama, drama. Only 88% participated. The rest? I guess, they went out already. Good. Just great. I created the game, consisting some clues for their exam. They did not know... I wish somebody will recall the puzzle as they answer the questions (exam).

I then reported my days to my mentor. He looked at me and said, "Niza, I've been there.... Just do whatever you think it's right, I don't mind... The kids aa, they don't like to learn... That's just it." So, I don't feel any guilt treating 2D like that. (HELL sound, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, muahahahahaha)

That's all for my 'dreamy' Monday.

Toodles ;p

Week 4, Day 1 - Day 5 T_T

Week 4. 6-10 July 2009. It started off pretty blissfully with 2C. (Heaven sound, Tadaaa)...'s a good was....till 2D played its part. Hmmm... They were just so rude. How annoying. That's my Monday blues.

Tuesday. What??? 2D again? I've begged my mentor not to walk in 2D again...because they just don't want to listen! He laughed and said.."Niza, tell you something...I've been there, done that.." Hoho...seems like he's already 'patah hati' with 2D. Good for you guys!

I still can't believe for myself when they vocally 'assault' me; "Ala, cikgu makan gaji buta la mcm ni....". WOW! (In front of the teacher's room) I replied; "Kepala hotak ko!!! I've provided everything, I photocopied everything with my OWN money...and what did you do?? You throw them away...buang kertas2 tu, koyakkan...!!!" How dare them....T_T..ops..this is one of my Monday blues actually...

Pass. Wednesday. 2D today! It's 1C, 1E and 2C. For Moral, I taught them Chapter 17, Menjaga Alam Sekitar. As homework, I asked them to draw a poster...ahax... For 2C....I did a recap for my Summary lesson on Monday. Good job guys!

Thursday. 2D again...Uwaaa...can somebody please jab me with a small pin, pleaseee... After the meeting... I started my MEAN treatment to them. Suddenly I have became a bitchy guy. Whenever they ask something, I just reply in a cold manner. Suits them however. Only with that, I noticed they finally listen! Hmm... "X nak blajar sudah..., malas aku nak layan ko". For 2D, I had to use "Aku", "Ko".

Friday. Gosht. Dr Izaham came to observe me. It's a double observation day! Together with my mentor; Mr Arud, they observed me. It's 2C. Thank goodness! Wow. They were actually well-behaved. I was surprised that even Farid remained on his seat, without moving anywhere like his typical behavior. Thank you guys. So, I got a good review from both of them; my supervisor and Mr Arud. After the review/reflection part, Dr Izaham gave me a simple gift which he bought from Barcelona. Thank you sir!!!!

Oh boy. Every dark cloud has its silver lining. That's my silver lining for week 4 I guess.

It's been a month zap boing...

Well, that's a wrap for week 4 and also for Month 1!

Toodles ;p

Friday, July 3, 2009

Money, Money, Money.. does not need it? Liar!

Money makes the world go round! It's a little bit funny knowing the fact that we can't live without money..True. No money, no talk...shhhhhh! Shut up...get out of this premise! I'm telling you the truth, I can't live without money...

People say: Money is not everything! Darn, that's a lie... They have made money from that saying! Ok..that's not the issue..
Everyone is money minded!

The thing is, what do we do with the money? Why do we need it so bad?
All of us need money to live, to breathe and to gain weight! Most of us (including me) need money to buy things we barely need...Some of us use money to get more money...Some needs money to cover the 'leak' on the 'pipe'. Bottom line is, people need money to survive.

Now, is it fair if someone use a person or persons (only God knows how many) to get money? Frankly, I have heard that people use money to get someone..True. However, using people to get money is....somewhat irreverent to me!

I don't know about them..They might feel it's ok for them..not me babe, not me...
Even if it's just a small piece of RM50, naah..that won't work on me... Only idiots do that... Hmm...on the other flip side of a coin, I think it's brilliant! Brilliante!

Obviously, simplicity works here. You meet new people every week. You hang out with them, claim that you need some money to pay whoever shit they are...and those people you just met give you some money...and you leave them... The next day, they are history...

Feels good isn't it??? Yes it is...taste the luxury of knocking on people's heads.
Wow...good for you...good for you. It won't work on me...Not here, not now, NEVER! You've dragged yourself in this mess, clean it yourself...It's time to grow up! So, grow up!

Money, money,'s so's a rich men's world. Nope, not you... I am sure you've heard about karma. Save yourself then. Be good and breathe well. I don't want to tell you what's right and what's are big enough to think the most common sense thing in the world. So, live it... Come on, you're not 12, ARE you???

Ok then, I have shouted at you...great. I'm sorry for that. It's because I care! Thanx for the 'treat', my friend.

Peace ;p

Week 3, Day 4 and 5...cute ;p

2 July 2009. I got some relief classes..with some form 1 and 2 classes.'s tiring..but fruitful...

I did some games today...I changed the level and the content.... I also gave some riddles.

2D...I taught them Chapter 8 Phantom of the Opera and I gave them a quiz. Ayyoyo...two periods of misery..Why? Most of them did not finish a thing!!!! Hmmm...(sigh). Obviously, they don't have any interest to learn.

If it's hard, how come 4 students from 2D scored 20/20???! I have simplified everything...

Think Niza, think....


3 July 2009. It's Hari Prestasi. I saw parents coming in and dropped by at school... They have been presented with their kids' report cards.

I was assigned for 1E. E. 90% of them scored E for most subjects. Some even got lower than 10%! I was shocked.

Anyway, I have made friends today. Meet Anildeep Singh. He is utterly nice and sweet. His sister is gorgeous...ahax... His full name is..Anildeep Singh a/l Ambar Jek Singh if I am not mistaken. Then, meet Durugenthiaran and Moganna. They come from St. Barnabas Home, Klang... I felt sorry hearing their story...Pity them...The grass is not always green on the other side. Oh, don't forget the cute Tan Jia Jun. Ayyo... Terrible. He was scolded by his mom (due to his extremely poor result), yet..he laughed...and laughed... Psycho.

Yes, I also met Faiz and Meor...and their parents... Cool... But I am tired... Have to go now...


p/s - Finally, dapat jugak tgk Transformers td...busy kot.....;p

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 3, Day 3...2C, 1C, 2C and 2C....

1 July 2009. It was darn irking, waiting...and waiting..and waiting some more without doing anything....I asked Ifa; "Have you seen my relief duty?" All in a sudden, I wanted to do relief classes....errrr....That's weird...

So, I went to the library (to kill time), Ika was there, later joined by Nuar... Nuar was having his class; 3G if I'm not mistaken... Yup, I 'carried' along Nithia with me... Basically, Nithia follows me wherever I go, except the men's room.

I was reading "The Star"..Hmm, what was there..Oh yeah, More about MJ, An article about Zac Efron, something about Bin Laden and I was a bit eager reading an article about Amanda Imandi....I hope she's good as what has been written there...

Meor and Faiz were there as well. Bising, bising, bising...I guess, that's why Ika left...huhu... Then, Nuar asked his students to solve some metal games... more like the IQ tests... Cool... I also joined anyway...

As I was walking towards the teachers room, Cecelia (a prefect from 2C) shouted; "Sir Niza, Sir Niza, waaaaaait...". I stopped and waited for her... Yes, finally, it's the duty I have been waiting for!!!'s duty was... 2C, 2C and 2C!!! Geography and Sivic... For Ms Ashikin and Pn Halijah.... LOL.

I had to teach Geography today. The topic was... 11.2 "Penduduk Kurang"...kadar pertumbuhan penduduk bergantung kepada....yadda yadda yadda... LOL... Nevertheless, I must give credits for my 2C students...They behaved! They listened! On top of all, they were learning! whatever crap I gave them...Naa, it was from the revision book, given by Ms Ashikin...;p

After that, I had a class with 1C. Terrible. They were NOISY. I gave them a quiz (recap quiz) from Chapter 13 to 16. It's Moral. I have put their names in the questions. Ma Lee Jane did not like the idea somehow. She erased (liquid paper) her name and replaced with mine instead. Debish...debish for me.... But she answered it anyway (after a series of private lecture with me!) Hnssh... Loo Kah Lun is the most notorious boy in that class. He was running here and there, distracting his friends... I forced him to sit and do his quiz...or else, I would penalize him... Yes, he surrendered...thank goodness.

After recess, I had 2 periods of Sivic with 2C...AGAIN. This time, I taught them English. I recapped Chapter 7 "My Angel of Music" (The Phantom of the Opera) and asked them to get ready for Chapter 8 "Where's Christine Daae" quiz. I saw Anje for the first time, joining the class... Tadaaa( the sound from heaven).

Cecelia somehow bullied Cheng Hin. Mr Handsome was a bit naughty today. Mr Genius kept asking my phone number. Double M did not bring Book 3 today... I made him promise to copy from his friend. Kaushalya asked me a lot of questions today. Shakila procrastinated. Lokman and Safrizal did not bring their textbook. Acap..OK. Hairian..OK. Pian and Farid...very good! I am proud of them..they were so eager asking me questions (very excited). Good for them... keep it up boys! Anje showed me a clip from his handphone...hehe..;p

After Sivic, I went out for a while...and I walked in 2C again.. English time! It was my period...AGAIN! All of them said; "AGAIN???" Hahahahahaha... and it's Quiz time. I distributed the questions and asked them to answer, guided by my notes which I gave them on Monday. Hmm.. I must say that I am utterly proud of them... They worked out to look for the answers.... Surprisingly, my weak students; Farid and Pian scored 20/20 for that quiz! Even Mr Genius scored 16.... See, if you pull yourself together Farid, you can do it! I told you...;p

I commented Mr Handsome; "BABE, you don't say...I 'EAT' say...I 'HAVE'...". He said; "wah, sir call me BABE what...".. And the rest of the class went jealous. I went to Acap and commented his'; "Sayang, that's not the answer..." and he was blushing...seriously... and I also did the same thing to my girls.... cute though...

Krrriiing.... That's the end of my class... Mr Genius asked for my phone number...again...No no no. The chinese boys hugged me before they left for their PE... They said thank you.... Ayyo... Ok, ok..have a nice day guys...;p

Before I left the school, I took a kitty with me... Pity her... It's a stray little kitten... So, I brought her home with me... Last night, we (Naz and I) bathed her...gave her whiskas and milk... She is sooooo cute...;p

That's all for now...

Toodles ;p