Monday, December 17, 2012

It's a growing distance between us...

Ola Mr. Bloggy,

I have been extremely lazy busy lately to update this rusty blog as I was caught up with loads of tasks and assignments. They seem endless. Tettt.. Excuses, excuses and seriously those are just some crappy excuses. I was just lazy. That's all.

Anyway, I have just read a post by my gorgeous cousin. She posted something about her daddy's birthday. Well, here's the gist... She wanted to wish her dad's special day and started narrating her text message. To her surprise, her father called. They talked and yup she did wish her dad's well-being and happiness. The thing that pertained my emotion was when she expressed how she's not being a good child for keeping a distance from her dad. I can totally relate to that.

Oh before that. This is not really a 'daddy-daughter issue'. Perhaps I should talk about my Mom as I am a son. It is just that I do not have much memories of my mom and I. She left us long ago (May Allah bless her, always...ameen). Sorry Ma, I love you always. So, this is my issue.

Ok, continue. 
It's a growing distance between us.

17 December 2012: The day that I crazily missed Abah.  

I really miss my dad. Yeah, so thanks cuzzie I am singing my blues now. Such a blue Monday. My dad and I....(sigh).. we are not that 'best buds' kind of stuff. We are more like... 'A professional worker and his boss'. There is always unfit and mishaps done by the worker. The boss has the final say. The boss is always right. ALWAYS. It is full of bumpy rides along the way. Crazy, but that is that.

I still remember some moments when I did horrible things in life. I tried to justify and to my exasperation, I was shut off... completely..leaving me no spot to explain myself. Like I said, he likes to play King so as humble as I could be, I just listened and waited for my turns to be crushed like any other sinful servants.

It is not that we have never tried to work things out for both of us. Some did bind us for quite some times, some were inefficacious. I know for a fact that we both love each other. We do, it is just...complicated and awkward...well, mostly. To begin with, I still have no idea when or what triggered this growing distance to happen.

I wish to turn back the hands of time and figure the things I have done in the past. I somehow have a feeling that we started to grow apart when I was sent off to the boarding school. He got busy and barely had time for the family back then. For goodness sake, I could count with my fingers how many times I saw him at home in a year. (Sigh).

That was then. Now, as I become an adult and learn the hardship to build a life of my own, I understand where it went wrong with our relationship. It is the TIME we spend. The quality time of talking, talking, talking, doing things together, playing, strolling and even jogging. I am trying my best to make time for him and I could see that he is also making his time for the family now. I could see his softer side now. I must say that I am happy for this kind of transformation. What takes us so long to figure this out Abah? Kan?

Oh God, I really miss him. I really love him. Is this some kind of home sickness? What is happening to me? An emotion stir-fry? I think I should probably go home this weekend and treasure the time with him. I just need to see his smile and I will be okay but will he be okay? What should I do to make him smile? That is THE question.

So Abah, I love you. I am thankful to Allah for giving me such a great father to lead us all. I remember watching this movie; "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". There is a saying and I would like to dedicate this to you Abah. Here it goes:

"He promised us that everything would be okay. I was a child, but I knew that everything would not be okay. That did not make my father a liar. It made him my father."

Thank you for everything Abah!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dilemma: I need a date!

Hiya peeps,

(Sigh). I started with a sigh merely because I do not know how to express this feeling. Stress? Not quite. Worried? Maybe. Anxious? Probably. Oh snap, it's a dilemma! Why oh why...

Let me start. There will be a gathering soon with some friends I used to know. Walking down the memory lane, I suppose. Some sort of reconnecting with old flings and also new friends within the group. I was invited.

It is scheduled to be on 15 November 2012. NEXT WEEK. I did say "Yes" last time when it was pre-scheduled. The reason being? Hmmm... everyone was waiting for my response and I did not want to look lame. Urgh... (Knock on my forehead)

The thing is, my ex is going to be there. My EX. My goodness, I really do not want to be there on my own and face the awkward music alone. At the same time, I do not want to cancel the trip. So not cool. Everyone will be there with their partners except me. How awkward that is?! :(

I need a DATE. Will someone be my date, please... I know, I know...I am such a loser at this junction but I am desperate and I do not want to go through the awkward moment alone where everyone is laughing and enjoy the trip with their special partner and I'd be laughing alone while looking at the phone screen (thanks to the invention of hand phones that helps us go through most awkward situations). 

Running away is another option. Somehow, it shows that I'm a coward if I resorted to that scheme. Might as well I just say "No" in the first place. Back then, I did not know that my Ex is going to be there!!!! Uwaaaaa.... what have I got myself into this time? Disastrous disaster, that is!

Again, I seriously need a date for this upcoming 15/11/12. I am serious. This is not a joke...well, it is..but the joke's on me. I know. Pretty please (I'm doing the blushing eyes won't be able to see it though). 

Ok, that's all for my dilemma. 

Toodles :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You walk, I walk...but Japanese? They PRECISION WALK! :)

Ola peeps,

What's buzzing lately? Well, I have to say this: Let us all pray for the well-being of our brothers and sisters around the world especially those who have come upon a terrible disaster; Sandy. Ya Allah, please help us all go through the thick and thin of your test strongly and faithfully, ameen.

For this issue, I would like to share an awesome video. It is about Japanese Precision Walking Competition. It is a competition for precision walking. Wait, did I just rephrase the phrase? LOL.  Like.. WOW! They have that for real....whaaaaat... Just look at how precise they are in a systematic formation. It looks like a marching band...well, without the tubas and stuff. Whoa... I know that we have all sorts of synchronized kawad (marching) competition in Malaysia but I doubt that we have something like this. Impressive!

Ok, here it is... Enjoy :)

So, what do you think??? Major WOW, right?!!! Ok, that's all for now. 

Toodles :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ola peeps,
The world is mine! Mine!

Another day, another series of adventurous events. Ok, I lied. Only few things happened to me lately. But, I do believe that somewhere in this world, there are a lot of events taking place to random people. Inspiring yet awesome events I mean. 

To begin with, the final exam marking has ended. The new shop lots in Jengka (New Commercial Centre) are eyeing for new business people. Psst, I heard McD and Marry Brown are about to run their business soon. Woohoo! I am in the midst of moving to my new house (rent basis of course). Yeay. Love expectation: Still zero though. Urgh. 

Nevertheless, there is a weird feeling that I am experiencing now. I cannot describe why this is happening. (Sigh). Have you ever felt happy and joyful out of nowhere?! A feeling like all burdens have been lifted from your shoulder. Burden-free kind of feeling as if I am done with all workloads I need to fulfill for the rest of the week. AS IF! This is what I am having now. Weird + Random. I know, right?! 

Oh well, I am going to enjoy and make use of this feeling for the rest of my day though I know that I have tons of works to do. It's "Movie Time"! Just looking and staring at my pile of works on my desk make me sleepy. Zzzzzz. 

Ok, that's all for my rambling at the moment. 

Toodles :)

p/s - Perhaps, I am overdose with happiness from people around me. Thank you people for such lovely feeling, Alhamdulillah.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Random: Some useful Tamil expressions.

Ola peeps, 

Ok, I am being random again. However, I do think this is useful and fun too. So, let's learn some useful Tamil expression to be used in our daily routine ya! :)


Goodwishes, please come
Vanakkam, Vaanga!


Good Morning!
Kaalai Vanakkam

Good Evening!
Maalai Vanakkam

Welcome! (to greet someone)

Romba Nandri

How Are You?
Eppati irukkinga? (or) Nalamaa?

I'm Fine, Thanks! 
Nallaa irukéan! (or) Nalam! , Nandri!

And You?

Good/ So-So.

Thank You (Very Much)!
Romba Nandri

You're Welcome! (answering "thank you")
Paravaa illa

Hey! Friend!
Alo! Nanbaa!

I Missed You So Much!
Unnai rumba izhanthu vittéan.

What's New? 
Enna seithi?

Nothing Much
Onnum illai

Good Night!
Iravu vanakkam

See You Later!
Apram paarkalame!

Good Bye!
Poittu varén! 

Help; Directions:
Udavi; Vazhi:

I'm Lost
Enakku vazhi theriyala.

Can I Help You?
Unakku udhavattumaa?

Can You Help Me?
Enakku udhavi seivienkala?

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?
Kazhivarai / Marundukadai Engéa?

Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!
Néraa ponga! Idathu/Valathu thirumpunga

I'm Looking For John.
Naan johnnai théduréan. (or) John irukkara?

One Moment Please!
Oru nimidam!

Hold On Please! (phone)

How Much Is This?
Idhu evvalavu?

Excuse Me ...! ( to ask for something)
Mannikanum (or) Alo!

Excuse Me! ( to pass by)
Mannikanum (or) Alo!

Come With Me!
Ennodu va (informal) Ennodu Vaanga! (formal)

Personal Info:



Do You Speak (English/ Tamil)?
Nienga (english/ thamizh) pésuviengala?

Just a Little.
Konjam konjam.

What's Your Name?
Unga péranna?

My Name Is ….
En péru ……….

Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…
Thiru…. / Thirumadhi…. / Selvi…..

Nice To Meet You!
Ungalai santhithathil magizhchi (or) Magizhchi!

You're Very Kind!
Nienga romba nallavar.

Where Are You From?
Nienga engirundhu varrienga?

I'm From (the U.S/ Sri Lanka)
Naan …… irundhu varéan.

I’m (American)
Naan (american)…..

Where Do You Live?
Neinga engéa vasikkirienga?

I live in (the U.S/ Sri Lanka)
Naan …… il vasikkiréan.

Did You Like It Here?
Ingu nalla irukka?

Sri Lanka Is a Wonderful Country
………..oru nalla naadu!

What Do You Do For A Living?
Enna vélai seirienga?

I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman)
Naan ……. Vélai seiyaréan.

I like Tamil.
Enakku Thamizh pidikkum

I've Been Learning Tamil For 1 Month
Naan oru maasama thamizh padikkiréne.

Oh! That's Good!
O! Romba Nalladhu!

How Old Are You?
Ungalukku ethanai vayasu?

I'm (twenty, thirty…) Years Old.
Enakku ….(age)… vayasu.

I Have To Go
Naan poga véndum.

I Will Be Right Back!
Naan udané thirumpuvéne.


Good Luck!

Happy Birthday!
Pirandha naal vazhthu!

Happy New Year!
Iniya putthaandu!

Merry Christmas!
Iniya kiristhumas!


Enjoy! (For meals…)
Nanraaga saappidunkal

Say Hi To John For me.
Johnnai kéttathaaga sollunkal.

Bless you (when sneezing)
Nouraandu vazhga!

Good Night; Sweet Dreams!
Nalla thoungunga!


I'm Sorry! (if you don't hear something)

Sorry (for a mistake)

No Problem!
Onnum prachanai illai

Can You Say It Again?
Thirumba sollunga?

Can You Speak Slowly?
Porumaiya pésunga?

Write It Down Please!
Adhai ezhuthunga!

I Don't Understand!
Enakku puriyala!

I Don't Know!
Enakku theriyaathu

I Have No Idea.
Ennaku theriyala

What's That Called In Tamil?
Thamizhil enna solvaarkal?

What Does "lingua" Mean In English?
Englishil "lingua" enraal enna?

How Do You Say "Please" In Tamil?
"Please" enbathai thamizhil enna solvaarkal?

What Is This?
Idhu enna?

My Tamil Is Bad.
En …(thamizh) romba mosam.

I need to practice my Tamil.
Naan thamizh pésa véndum.

Don't Worry!
Kavalai padaathey!

Expressions & Words:

Good/ Bad/ So-So.
Nallathu / Mosam / Appadithaan.

Big/ Small
Periya / Chinna

Today/ Now
Indru / Ippothu

Tomorrow/ Yesterday
Naalai / Nétru

Yes/ No
Amaam / illai

Here You Go! (when giving something)

Do You Like It?
unakku idhu pidikkuthaa?

I Really Like It!
Enakku idhu romba pidikkuthu.

I'm Hungry/ Thirsty.
Enakku pasi / thagam irukku.

In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night.
Kalaiyil / Maalaiyil / Rathri (or) iravil

This/ That. Here/There
Idhu / Adhu. Ingu / Angu

Me/ You. Him/ Her.
Enakku / Ungalukku. Avanukku / Avalukku



Hurry Up!

What? Where?
Enna? Engéa

What Time Is It?
Ippo mani enna?

It's 10 o'clock. 07:30pm.
Ippo 10(patthu) mani. Ezhu nuppathu(7.30)

Give Me This!
Adhai enakku kodu

I Love You!
Naan unnai virumpukirén.

I Feel Sick. 
Enakku udambu sari illai.

I Need A Doctor
Daktarai paarka véndum.

One, Two, Three
Onnu, Rendu, Moonu,

Four, Five, Six
Naalu, indhu, aaru

Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
ézhu, ettu, onbadhu, patthu

Other useful words & expressions: 









Will come



Will open








I go
Naan porean

He goes
Avan poraan

He eats an apple
Avan apple saapiduvaan

He is eating an apple
Avan apple saapiduraan

He ate an apple
Avan apple saapittaan

I saw the film last week
Naan poana vaaram padam paarthean

She came by bus yesterday
Aval nethu pearundhu valiya vandha

They went to the temple
Avankellam kovilluku poannaanga

He slept the whole night
Avan mulu rathiriyum thoonkinaan

He wrote well in the examination
Avan paritchayila nalla eluthi irukkaan

He has eaten
Avan saapittu mudichutaan

He had eaten
Avan saapittaan

He had gone
Avan poittaan

He had come
Avan vanthutaan

He will eat
Avan saapiduvaan

He will go
Avan povaan

He will come
Avan varuvaan

What is your name?
Unga peru enna?


Wun, unga(respect)


What did you do?
Nee enna panra, neenga enna panreenga (respect)

What should I do?
Naan enna seyyanum?

What are the questions?
Enna kelvigal? 

What were the questions?
Enna kelvigal irunthithu?

What is the last question?
Kadaisi kelvi enna?

What is written in the letter?
Khadithathil enna ezhuthi iruku?

What you had been told?
Unaku enna solli irunthathu?

What will be the answer?
Badil enna va irukum?

Why did you come?
Yean vantha ?

Why did you sleep?
En thoonguray?

Why did you tell him to go?
Yaen avana poga sonna?

Why did he bring the bag?
Avan yean pai kondu vanthan?

Why did she pay the money?
Aval yaen kaasu koduthal?

Why did they sit there?
Avunga yaen inga utkaanthirukaanga?

Why do you drive the car?
Yaen car ottina?

Why are they late for the meeting?
Yean avunga meeting ku thamadama vanthaanga?

How did you come?
Nee eppadi vanthe?

How did you sleep?
Nee epadi thoongina?

How did you drive?
Nee epadi oattina?

How did you write?
Nee epadi ezhuthina?

How many apples are there in my hand?
Ethana apple enn kaieilla irukku?

How many did you take?
Ethana nee edutha?

How much did he pay you?
Evalavu panam kodutha?

How much distance to go?
Evalavu thooram poakanum?

How was the journey yesterday?
Nethu payanam epadi irrunthathu?

Which way did you come?
Entha valiya vanthe?

Which is your favorite color?
Virupamana niram enna?

In which room did you sleep?
Entha arailla thoongina?

Which story did you tell?
Entha kathaya sonna?

Which is the sweetest fruit?
Unnaku rumba inipaana palam ethu?

Which is the best newspaper in Hindi?
Entha siethithaal nalla irukkum?

Which Indian state has the largest population?
Entha indhiya naattu maanilathula romba janathogai irruku?

Where did you come from?
Enga irunthu vandha?

Where did you sleep?
Enga thoonguna?

Where is the manager’s cabin?
Seyalaalar arai enga?

Where should I go?
Naan enga poganum?

Whom should I contact?
Yeara santhikanum?

Is it a book?
Ithu puthakama?

It is a book
Ithu puthakam?

Is it the answer?
Ithuthaan badhila?

It is the answer
Ithuthaan badhil?

Will you come with me?
Enkoda varuviya?

I shall come with you.
Naan wunkoda varuven.

Will you give me your pen?
Peanava kodupeengala?

Yes, of course.
Aama, pinna.

I love you. Naan Unnai Kadalikiren. 
Can you give me your pen?
Peanava kudukka mudiyuma?

Can you lift the box?
Pettiya thookka mudiyumma?

Can you write the exam?
Paritchai elutha mudiyumma?

Did you have your lunch?
Madhiyaanam saappadu saapittiya?

That's all for now.
Toodles folks :)