Monday, February 23, 2015


Phewww... after struggling and many series of hardships going through retrieving the password for ths blog, I MADE IT!

I think it is rusty now. 

Anyway, I have safely arrived from my  eight-hour MH135 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane last Thursday (19 Feb 2015). Alhamdulillah. Now that I have made my decision to stay here for at least a year and half, I have to figure out my ways to fit in, don't I?! 

The University of Queensland, Australia (St. Lucia Campus). Yup, that is the glorious place I have set my mind on. As big as the name, I have to struggle to meet their expectation... not to mention the one from MARA too.

It is a big campus! There are nearly 60, 000 people here! 30% of them are populated by international students. I am one of those.

What I have gone through?
- I had to squat and cause trouble to some Malaysian students (mainly INTEC & Taylor's students).
They are bunch of cool kids. Million thanks to Adri, Hairul etc for having me over. I feel bad though for making this house super crowded.

- I went on looking for houses. Ahaa.. I must tell you, it is a big hassle especially if you are aiming for a nearby and cheap place. There were times when it looked successful but at the end the deal(s) had to be put off due to some reasons (some owners prefer Christians, some have dogs, some drink...etc.)

- Out of depression, I think I am going to settle for this house (316 Sir Fred Schonell Drive). It is a good deal (110AUD/week) and it is just a 6-10-minute walking distance to the campus. One drawback of this is just the house is filled with my own people. Errm, not that it is bad but I honestly think, if you wish to improve your English, you have to mix with people from all parts of the globe. Plus, it is an opportunity of a lifetime to be here! So, you have to grab it and expand your horizon. Oh well, I will try my best to fit in with them for a while..or maybe I will force them to USE English. Or else, I might have to look for other options.. huhu

- Food. It is not that hard to look for Halal food. However, you have to be careful and read the labels extra carefully. All ingredients are labeled and it is good that you can check whether they are Halal or not. Pheww, Australia is a country that considers its people, regardless of any religions/cultures/races.

- Friends. I am coping my level best by making friends with...pretty much everyone. My first Indonesian friend here is Taruna. My first Sri Lankan friend is Shamu. My first Spain friend is Eric. My first Indian friend is Sachin. Then I met Shawn, a Chinese, Lily from Canada and Azri, Ammar, Aiman, Fakhri, Bukhari, Nabihah and Leong (Malaysia).

- Unstable emotion. This is mostly due to how much I miss you buddy! Seriously, I miss you soooooo freaking much. The days before I left were well spent. We did everything together. I mean, EVERYTHING!!! Now, the thought of going through this on my own... I don't know for how long I can bare with it. Everyday, every night.. I keep thinking about you. Though we are thousand miles apart, but I believe we are so connected in hearts. I love you. I miss you. XOXO

Oh boy, it is almost 12 midnight now here in Brisbane. I better go and hit my la la land now. Tomorrow is a hectic day, still.