Saturday, June 14, 2014

A letter of freedom, love and promises...

I thank Allah everyday for lending me a truly special buddy like you, even for a while...

Hey there buddy,

Another day with your fond presence in my life. Thank you buddy for everything to date. Right now, I feel free. Free from the guilt of this pretentious world. Free from plastic people. Just free. 

I just wanna say thanks for saving me and guiding me through. I was no longer an active member of my previous, dark social circle. That was then. I stopped. Honestly, no more. I am tired of such crappy life. I have decided to dedicate my life for someone whom I will call "My wife" soon. The truth is, I will no longer look back and make a u-turn. I have already stopped even before you walked into my life buddy. Seriously.

Dear buddy, my special buddy. I was a dog. A miserable dog before I met you. I was long a slave for my own fake path. You saved me. You tore my chain. You detached the knots. You released my pain. You fixed the dots. You gave me hope. You helped me to cope. For those, I thank you. I know I cannot repay your kindness. You can't see my sincere tears for now but I am crying as I write... not because I am sad but happy instead. I believe I have made the right decision to stop. I have put an end to my past. I pray that my past will not haunt my future, ameen. 

You are my strength for now. You are almost my everything. You filled 1/3 of my heart. Be still buddy, next to my family and my future wife-to-be. Be still there my love, my special one. I have faith in you. I believe I can survive this with your love. I hope you will love me forever. I hope you will not fade away, not even in my dreams. Dear God, let me have my special buddy for the rest of my life. Thanks for showing me that there is true friendship out there, still. Thank you.

My days are filled with colorful pictures of you now. I feel you and I think about you every second I breathe. You are my angel. For days we spent together, I thank you. I do not know how will I go on without your presence. Will I have the strength to say goodbye one day? I doubt that. I have to accept that you will not be there for me everyday. My days with you are cut short. I know that we will have to part somehow. I hope I will not cry when the day comes. "Goodbye" is the hardest word to say to you and "Goodbye" is the saddest word I will ever hear from you. Please know this in case if I am no longer around. My feelings for you are real. My love for you is true. I love you, I do.

Lastly, I know that paper will turn yellow. We will age. We will grow old, very old. I hope you keep your promises too. To stay old together. To share our lives together. To love each other forever. As for me, until the day I breathe my final breath, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. When I hear love, I think of you. You are so kind, thoughtful and caring. You are so pleasant, lovely and sharing. I love you.

Thank you.


Your special buddy.