Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lost in Emotion: Crush < Love > Infatuation

Crush Turtle from Disney's Finding Nemo

Hey there old friend, Mr. Bloggy..

I know, I know... It is indeed my fault for abandoning you... How long has it been?? My is almost a year since I last wrote you an entry... Please forgive me. In my defense, errr... Twitter! Blame it on Twitter...and Instagram too. Those are major distractions these days. :)

Do you remember the Crush Turtle from "Finding Nemo"?! Well... Number one, I'm not gonna talk about the turtle. Number two, I just wanna share about my feelings. Huhu. Thus, our theme for this entry is "Lost in Emotion".

Some people believe that having crushes is just for kids. I beg to differ. If that's the case, why am I still having that tingling sensation whenever I set my eyes on certain people?! I am now officially 26...oh wait... could it be 27? I was born on 27 Dec 1987. So, how old am I now exactly?! Anyway, at my age, I still enjoy having crushes on certain people. One definite reason is due to availability issue. I know I can never have them FOR REAL. So, let them be stored in my crush account. Be reminded that a crush feeling can prolong for a period of time and it can re-emerge one day once the 'switch' is triggered.

Now, let's talk about love.Yup. I am positive. What is love? Love is defined as the most spectacular, deep, sometimes indescribable feeling for someone (Urban Dictionary, 2005). Such a strong word if you ask me. In short, love is a feeling. A feeling is developed when something or someone triggers your specific emotion(s) that drives you to do something in return (Ahmad Niza, 2013). To sum it up, love is a committed feeling for someone/something. Ok, that's my interpretation. Is it hard to love? Well, it depends. It took me three minutes to love a cat. It took me three years to love a dear friend. Kidding. Kidding. You know when you're in love, you become restless. You feel incomplete. You smirk in public. You smile reading a simple "Ok" text message. You skip your meals just to be with him/her. You pretend to like what he/she likes. When you're in love, your world is colorful. Life is a land of colorful rainbow with unicorns in it. Bottom line; you are not yourself when you're in love! (p/s - This is not based on my experience..just merely my observation :P)

Moving on, INFATUATION. This is when you have a crush-like feeling for a short period of time. Unlike crush, infatuation is just temporary. Unlike love, it's easier to wipe of your feeling for someone if it's just an infatuation. In different perspective, infatuation can happen at the early stage of love. This is when you question yourself; "Why do I love him/her?" Is this "Love" or "Lust"? This feeling can be addictive if you keep clinging on the sweet lovey-dovey memories of the ever confusing love feeling. Infatuation is when you are being selfish with your desires. Yes, it drives you mad. It is also indescribable sometimes. One thing to know whether you're infatuating is after you get what you desire (i.e: Having a kiss), you feel like that's the last. It's like; "Oh, that's how it feels to kiss." Whatever it is, I have to say.. the feeling is still intense.

Be it a crush, love or an infatuation, you have to take care of your feelings. Don't drive it over the limit or else, you'll be devastated and heartbroken. They say in Bahasa, "Nak kene servis hati". Yup, our heart needs proper care and service too. How to service your heart? Proper dieting is highly encouraged. Hehe. Kidding. Well, you need to evaluate your feelings. Consider your feelings and the other party's too. Are you ready to handle the conflicts to come? Human beings are complex. Don't expect the other party to have the same feeling like you. The levels might differ and sometimes it's not mutual. My advice is, learn to love by learning about your partner. Observe and pay attention.

Ok, it's time to put an end to this crap. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell did I just write???? It's 12.52 AM and I am already sleepy. Goodnight.

Till we meet again Mr. Bloggy, toodles :)