Wednesday, November 26, 2008

His name is John Wright

Lalalala...a new day has come...I must say, up to this moment...I am still alive..ohoho..d past few days..pheeww..what can I say...hectic...turned me upside down..yeah...chaos...It's a long make it short...., here it is..

..I was driving from BSN around Kuala Terengganu at noon (24 Nov 08)..I was not wearing my seatbelt...How unfortunate, a police in white told me to pullover. I was like..buat x tau n kept on shocked I was when the policeman, naik moto dy n kejar aku..pergh..bederau darah..this time, I really stop...n bla bla bla...dorang escort aku ke balai, n kene lecture...saman je's RM300 max will b charged when u dun use d safety belt...that was not just d issue..dorang marah la..y I did'nt stop awal2 tu..aku cakap la...I did not notice, sorry. Pastu, dy bg warning, I can go to d court this 28 December or pay d ticket b4 12 Dec...that was then. I was finally saved by my uncle...n I was released without any ticket or record!!! I swear to God, I won't do that again..insaf sebentar. Thanx Uncle.

The next day..I was at "Ulek Beach Resort"..saje gatal nk tgk package percutian watsoever..since I've decided not to go back to KK kan...'tak jadi'. Pastu, there's one group of tourists..mostly from Europe...there was this one couple (late 50's). They are from France. I can't remember their names. and, guess what..I made friends with them. It was weird and awkward at first. But, ade sorang Malay Girl, Kak Fatimah. She's the guide. She's cool and she's nice. They have asked me if I could join..n I said yes (I got nothing better to do at home. Nobody's home)...

It was fun...n tiring of course. The food was great! Jeng3..then I met this guy. His name is John. John Wright. He is 25. He's from New York or something. But he is staying in KL at the moment. and...he's..err...not str8. Ahax... We talked and talked. He said, I was nice and bla bla bla..I was extremely shy at first. Coz my English was kinda suck n I can't speak French at all..the only word that came out from me was "Merci"..ahahaha.. John said, I was doin just fine. Kak Fatty pn ckp mcm tu... I dunno..

The only thing I know is..I had fun... They will be around till next Wednesday. and I am goin to butt in as well... Jet Skis...snorkeling (so not)...tgk Pusat Penetasan Penyu..Monsoon Cup...what else..oh ya, some art thingy.. I hope it's gona be fun. John is single! Ahahahaha...well, it has nothin to do wit me. I'll snap some pictures later on...huhu.

Oh yeah, John's phone number is: 01763756xx....he gave me his number..ahax..omg, I am such a slut. Oh well.. I just wana make frens..that's all.

Till we meet again Mr Bloggy. I love you..

p/s-Congratz to Ekhwan my buddy for his convo.. Org text bkn nk reply...


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pagi Yang Boring

Adoi...awal pulak aku bangun ari ni...huhu..n I'm bored. What should I do today? I don't no. I have no particular plans. My friends seem to be missing these few days. Hmm...(thinking) Oh well...are they partyin' without havin' me? Uwaaaa....

What's for breakfast anyway? I dunno..I am just too lazy to go downstairs...(yet I'm sittin' in front of my PC in my room)...Debish...Pegi la mandi!!!! Tajul pun dah mandi...nak pegi lowyat dgn aimi katenye...uwaaa...

What should I do today? What sould I do? Anyway, last night, I have watched "The Green Mile" is a great movie indeed! Thanx Hafriz for that brilliant suggestion. (Hafriz yg suggested suruh tgk cite ni). I love the storyline. It's about God's Miracle..n parts in the story are mostly about the ugliness inside us.

What else? I lost my words already....c ya round then Mr Bloggy.

Have a nice day.

Ok, I am bored...

Dat's it..I am go or not to read or not to watch or not to play or not to play...haiyya.....what an awful holiday..huhu...;p

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Part Time Lover?

Thank you for loving me. The trust is now officially off of my shoulder. Thank you. Hmm..I really don't get it tho. What's the point of you saying you're "single and available" when you are already attached to someone else? What are you trying to prove?? (Thinking)

Are you just a part time lover like the one in Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lovers"? Just be yourself, will you?! With all due respect, HELP YOURSELF OUT "BABE"! THE DEAL IS OFF! I just hope we can be just friends from now on...

Oh, I really have to double my joy after this. I think I am getting too old for this sick, love game. Love is just a crying game. Love is just a losing game. It's rhetoric. Though it's tough, I must learn to face Mr. Reality! Oh well..

That part was really a slowdown for me. But, I wont rest till I find the answers. (Sigh) I must say that we are facing an acute shortage of honest+sincere lovers!!! All we have is just PART TIME LOVERS! (Talk about avoiding conflict huh?!)

Am I going to a journey of faith this break? Seriously, what's up with the drama, the truth, love and relationship??? Dipshit! I just hope I can handle whatever there is in front of me. grandpa was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to his heart attack. He forgot HOW to take his GTN! Please God, I am not ready yet....

I wonder, when will my star shine... But it's ok. I get it. Tomorrow will be a new day, with a new hope. Today is just another day. For days to come, I hope I can survive the pain. I don't blame you for what is happening to me. I've chosen this path, there's no turning back. I get it.

Oooh..I really need something good enough to revive! I have to handle the pressure and control my emotion! CAUTIOUS APPROACH:

1. Avoid seeing those bloodsuckers!
2. Don't go out and try to hit on someone's partners!
3. Learn and practice a lot! (They say, practice makes perfect)
4. Don't "Wow" someone else anymore, "Wow" yourself!
5. ...don't know...

That's all Mr. Bloggy. I am alone as you can see dear. When can I kiss you again? So long..;p

p/s - "I'm not gay, I'm just human" - Jimmy Kimmel punye line in Jimmy Kimmel Live.. (he was talking about his crush on Brad Pitt since early 90's...ahax...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kolej Tenggol yang HOT!! sss...

Waduh, waduh..I miss my college days (tetibe je).. I was at Kolej Tenggol this evening and it's nice. I love the scenery. Seriously. Oh, I miss my Malacca days.

I couldn't drive in at first. There's a sign in front the post guard's gate ("Kereta Pelajar: Sila Masuk Di Pos B") on earth should I know where the heck is "Pos B"?! So, I had to wait for Harith to move his butt out for...almost 45 minutes!

I've forgotten the route in UiTM Dungun already. Boleh sesat kalu aku masuk sorang2... It was raining. Lotsa students berlari-lari anak kambing from pantai, headed towards the shelter (Pondok depan gate UiTM) Sume ber'kapel'..hisy, aku sorang je xde lover...sedey.....

When Harith got in d car, I drove to the 'Pos B' gate, (which happened to be GATE BELAKANG!) Sambil mamandu, sambil menikmati keindahan alam..,in my case, sambil mencuci mate...ahahahaha.... I had fun. Driving inside the campus. Best bangat dong.

Then, sampai la aku di Kolej Tenggol. Dengan selambe anak badak aje aku park kat tempat RS Kolej Tenggol. He's an Ustaz...pheew..mujur x sempat jumper... Kete Unser beliau memblok jalan hadapan, so aku kene reverse which I did! and guess what, I hit the divider (Huh, talk about pandai budget...dah la x tengok side mirror belah Harith..syok je bawak kete...) Ahahahahha..Maka aku pun parking lah kete d tempat yang sesuai.

Ketika mane aku memasuki Kolej itu...pemandangannye bertukar menjadi BIRU!!! Biru mata hitamku...ahahha.. Harith's room is on d 2nd level..still d view was BLUE...y? OMG, there's so many hotties!!! Adoi... Ape yg aku buat ini???? Apa yang kukatakan ini????

In his room, there's a guy sleeping. When he woke up...WOW, he's so f*****g CUTE! I seriously don't know what I'm saying! Pssss...the truth is, he's a 'friend'...rupe2nye, PLU jugak...he was nice...we sembang-sembang..ngumpat-ngumpat, gelak-gelak..lalalala..aktiviti rutin di situ. Sambil Harith pack his stuffs (yang amat bertimbun), aku 'bermesra' dgn teman sebiliknye..(jgn pikir bukan2 ok, we were just talking!!!)

Pastu, da abis sumbat barang dalam but kete (PENUH!), we headed to the beach. The rain has stopped already. Makan-makan sikit, minum-minum sikit...n bla bla bla....Adoi, penat betul ari ni... Esok Harith ade paper...when I asked him course ape dy amik, dy jawab "CS"...aku tanye la ape tu "CS", hampeh, dy jawab "Counter Strike"...Haha..actually, it's "Computer Science"..whatever la..Good luck Harith.

Itu sahaja la aktiviti aku di kala petang tadi.... Aku amatlah boring sebenarnye...Huhu...c ya round...

p/s-Sedeynye hidup keseorangan ini...uhuk uhuk...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Home!!!

Yes, I'm home..safely...Alhamdulillah. The best part was, I made a conversation with the pak cik bus driver. He was so nice!!!! He was more like a father...I even told him my problem. We talked and talked and talked (except he was driving and I distracted him, mostly) Gosht... and I did not even sleep all the way to Terengganu!!!

Along the way, I saw some eerie (xde la sampai eerie) accidents. There was this car, a Honda Civic 1.6 if I'm not mistaken. It was on the divider. Jahanam kete tu weh. Isy... Then, ade jugak kete Kancil kene langgar from behind...isy, was raining mase tu...Jalan licin maybe. Ade jugak sorang akak Bangla, agent nak anta dy p Kemaman Terengganu keje kot. Name Bangla dy Bakhu. Cantik sangat dy pnye traditional outfit. Unfortunately, she did not understand what I was saying. I even offered her roti, but she was like....x paham...but she was nice too. Oh well...

I am so happy...jumpe and salam dgn my atuk, Tok Bob..He is doing quite well I think. I dunno, perhaps, it's too soon to tell. I love him so much.. Lucky that he still remembers me! Alhamdulillah. I wanna spend my days with him. Maybe I wont be going to KK afterall. Eh x boleh, nanti nk main dgn my babies cmne...huhuhu...

Alaa...petang ni kene jumpe my 'fren' kat UiTM Dungun. Name dy Harith. Dy nak tumpang letak barang kt umah. Dorang kene kosongkan hostel. Huhuhu..maybe I'll go around 5pm. The weather now sucks. It rains a bit and it stops raining. Then it rains again. Ayya.

That's all for now, I oughta take my shower now...nda mandi lagi ini..huhu...;p

Happy Holiday peeps!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Take A Break! To all my friends, Have a Nice Holiday!

I need a break! I am going back tonight. Dunno if that's a good thing or not. Oh well, I am goin to miss my homies soooooo much! I love them. I love Tajul, Nazri, Duang, Pie and Hafriz! They are so nice n such good friends!!! Not to forget to all my favorite friends: Aimi, EKHWAN, Syud, Tatie, Nad, Ella, Firhan, Zizi, Kak Aisyah, Wan Nurul Firdaus, Liyana, and everybody la!!! Thank you for being my friends. I love you guys!!!!

I really need a break, after all of the mess (throughout d past semester) Pheeew...finally, it's over. I am not ready for next semester btw. Ayya. I wish I can make it through the rain.

Oh yeah. Before I leave, there's one thing I want to stress, especially to 'you'. I appreciate that you've been nice to me. I am so sorry for what had happened between us. Just one thing, don't say you miss me when you just want to have fun with me! I'll pass on that. Don't do this to someone else. I miss you so much too and I love you. I am sorry. Just be happy for me, whenever and whoever you are with. I love you.

My abah and I? I don't know. I hope the cold war will end soon. I just want the best for both of us! Please don't be mad anymore. I think I should work harder to be a good son. Hmmm...all this while, I have been working so hard to get good CGPA...just to impress you. I guess, it means nothing to you. Oh well, its ok. I don't mind. Just be happy too.

What will I do for the rest of my holiday? Work? Naah... So not. Maybe I'll just travel then. Cuti-cuti Malaysia maybe. Then, I have to worry on my final result. Oh damn! I hope I'll pass!

Last words, I might not be online for quite a while. Thus, sorry in advance if I don't reply any of your messages. I just need a break! A break! Get away from this lunatic life for a while and enjoy myself to the utmost level! Yeah, that's what I will do! Exactly.

Happy Holiday peeps!!!! Enjoy!


Friday, November 14, 2008

YeaY! I'm FRee!!!!

YeaY!!! Yippie!!! Finally, it's over!!! No more tense and burnouts...(for a while). Fheww...exam weeks are tiring... I am glad that it's finally over... Congratulation guys for successfully made it through!!

Yeah..what else...Oh, the holiday? Where will I be? I'll be in Terengganu from 17 till 25 November. I will then be in KK from 26 till..I don't know yet. I wanna work..but...

I hope this coming holiday will bring me some happiness...I wanna see happiness around me. Oh well, I wish it can be true.

Perhaps, I'll just walk around and see what it has to offer from the other side. Or, maybe I'll just drive around and jalan-jalan... I love to enjoy the beaches...I should go traveling then! Yeah baby!

Since I might have no frens when I am in KK, what should I do??? I don't know...I don't like staying at home all day long...errr....I guess, I'll be damned bored this holiday..jeng jeng jeng...

I guess, that's all for today..I am tired..nak qodo' tido la..penat study sociolinguistics...huhu..happy holiday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ako Ngayoy Masaya!!!

Well...I'm just happy..that's it... I'm happy for everyone, for everything and...for whatever la... I think, its worth to live and lead this life happily.

I wanna live not...ahahaha...well, I'm happy to avoid any conflict now..I'm happy to be happy soon!!! I am happy for you too!!!

Hmm...what else..I am happy to sit for TSL546, I think...err...dat rather sounds unwise...errr...bite my nail then...

Oddest of all, I'm happy to see "the dying CATS"...fighting over a piece of fried fish...there's a tumor in the humor...but, who cares? We live to save ourselves right???

Orait then...since I am happy, lets get naked and dance!!!!! and please be happy peeps! Ako ngayoy masaya!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Aiman!!!!

Hmmm...dah beso da kamu ek..huhu...sowie, I could not come to the party last night...huhu..I was afar from you my dear...oh well...Selamat Hari Jadi jugak for you my dear!!!

Ahmad Aiman dear, be happy as you grow up and be a good boy ok! Hmm....I'm going to be there soon, to play with you again..huhu...don't worry...I'll take you to the beach and we are goin to have lotsa fun togetha...huhuhu..

I still have one last paper to go on with...yet, I am deeply missing my family...hayya....I wanna go home!!! I wanna go home!!! Uwaaaa.....

Lastly, Happy Birthday my baby boy Aiman!!!!!

.........................from, ur bro...


I could not believe that this is going to be the end to my relationship. Sucks isn't it? Yeah...after three fuckin semesters we've made it through, not it has come to end...damn!!!

It was unbelievable yet expected from the beginning...shooooooooooott... I stayed up for her...gone thru was hard for me!!!!

Hmmmm..MABI...the combination of Ma and Bi...the mixture of Ma and Bi put together in a bowl...then it becomes...MABI...Mabi??? Yeah...macam babi...ops..sorry for the language...

Susahnye Arabic tadi...well, that was the end of my relationship..bye bye BAB501 (that's wat they call you) thing..just one thing... Y? Y? Y?..Why did u have to be so tough???? Hmmmm....

I had to leave early to be me....well, congratulation to those who could answer you well BAB501....

So long...

(out of boredom). Period.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Uwaaaa....malasnye nak study!!!!

Well, that's it.....that's just it...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ning FIRHAN Baizura!!! Ekhwan, watch OUT!

Gosht...I had so much fun today!!!! Yippie... Oh..what a beautifool day..hehe.. Seriously, it was fun!!! Thanx Wan, Thanx Firhan!!! Love you guys so much...

Today, we headed to the faculty at first... Hantar buku library which Wan borrowed solely for Research Methodology... (bajet ala-ala gempak gitu) Betimbun weh..rajin sangat si Wan Nurul Firdaus ni...

Pastu I knocked Puan Hamidah's room.. She was there. We were thinking of asking her for the on-goin marks....Unfortunately, it was not ON yet. Oh well, just wait...

Hujan lebat tadi weh...lightning and thunder...those best friends were in fury. Gosht... Adakah sebab aku practice menanyi sebelum itu? I dunno...tak kot...

Then, we headed straight to the Karaoke Cube kat 18 (aku hentam je name dy..x tau pn)...x banyak pun...20 lagu je + 2 lagu 20+2=22 la kan..Nyanyi nanyi nyanyi...sampai nk pecah anak tekak yang turut menari pada waktu yg sama..

Oh ye..time kami nyanyi lagu Sejarah Mungkin Berulang (ala..yang ade Tomok tu, Tomok..), suare aku..Ya Rabbi..burok cam katak suare tersumbat kat bontot!! Ayya..maybe sebab aku penat kot, vocal tak berape nak menyerlah tadi..Tu la, practice x cukup, diva camne pun, kantoi jugak...Sengau cam ketuk tong sampah...debish!!!

Suare aku ala-ala Celine Dion je..Firhan bersuare ratu macam Ning Baizura weh! Serious x tipu!! Wan Nurul pulak suare meletup macam Ziana Zain! Wah, hebat+mantap sangat gandingan kami tadi...especially lagu Cinta Di Akhir Garisan..

Pada saat itu, Firhan telah meng-expose kan suare lunak dy yg ala-ala Ning Baizura.. wah..kami hampir menangis terharu akan lagu dendangan mantap Firhan itu..ches...betul ke ape aku tulis ni... sangat ari ni..then, g makan kt food court tu...pastu..g Giant beli barang sikit..Tajul pesan beli ubat nyamuk...Wan pegi beli sayur-mayur...mak die akan membuat mi kari khabarnye.. Aku pula telah membeli..Ayamas Burger Ayam ke hape ntah..saje je..

Pastu balik...penat..diva-diva sume nak rehat..our vocals dah serak-serak kambing sangat tadi!..Rugi Hafriz x dapat join..thanx Hafriz for informing me td...Best best best bangat dong..Sukses!!!

To ekhwan my buddy, watch out, the new diva has came to town...introducing: Ning Firhan Baizura!!!! Dy da nak rampas takhta kau ekwan... habisla kau...

Lastly, thanx Wan, Thanx Firhan..I had a great day tadi!!! Love you guys so much!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

HSM 3..(I hafto agree wif Hafriz!!!)

Oh my goodness...I once thought that it is going to be as lame as HSM2...just before it was premiered in the cinema... Dang me! I was completely wrong. Darn. (period)

Oh ya, HSM 3 is way too cool and to sum it all up, it is the BEST HSM so far! Kudos for them...! Yay..The senior year, wow...fantastic! Well, what more can I say when I could only shut my mouth for silence in the cinema!? (I was thinking of giving a standing ovation during the show,'ll be awkward...)
I would say...errm...Zac Efron has improved a lot, be it vocally or showmanship throughout the show. And..he's hot too...ahahahaha... To bad that he's got 'Gabriella' already. She is somehow stiff I think...I dunno, there's something wrong with her... She did not fully expressed herself. That's what I like to think. Sue me then.
Well, Hafriz, you were right. Thanx buddy for your review. I finally got to watch it (with Aimi and Tajul) this evening. It's great.

Yesssss...the songs are great! They are FRESH! The dances are great!!! All the upbeats...with the lightings and the sets (setting) used...they are all great! Kudos to Kenny Ortega for his great direction and guide! Bravo! I simply love it!
It is a great movie for all ages, especially the youngsters! Seriously guys, the songs and the dance moves will keep you glued to the screen! Yes...I'm impressed with the improvement! To me, it is still a great musical movie no matter what will people label it...

That's all those who have not seen this movie, you should! (period) and to those who's not in favor with musical movie, perhaps you would like to give it a shot peeps..cum on. ENJOY THE SEEN AS WE DID! Huhu..I had so much fun and it really cured my boredom..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I love to sing! Guling-guling!

tagged by TAJUL IQBAL

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.* The 5 people I tag are then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

1. I am friendly. (that's what I like to think)

2. I love my hands. (that's sounds rather awkward)

3. I love to sing coz I think my voice dah setaraf Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. (terimalah kenyataan maut ini)

4. I used to have a diary where I wrote my dissatisfaction towards my life (mostly my abah. Oh, that was then..)

5. I spend most of my free time at the beach and guling-guling mcm org gile (back in Ganu, uwaa SHah ALam xde pantai!)

6. Saye agak takut akan kehadiran dan gandingan mantap Pak Lip & Mak Pas!

7. I used to kiss my junior back when I was in my secondary years. (Opsie..sowie..)

8. I can cry, listening to "Vanishing-MC"

9. Jeles bangat sama rambut Tjul!

10. I like boobies...(eh, ape aku tulis ni???)

11. I sometimes talk to myself...sort of...(sbab xde org layan..hoho)

12. I love to KISS & HUG.........( comment)

13. There should be a tumor in my humor. (...I carry a huge load of PVC in my bag)

14. Saye sudah pandai goreng ikan..(damn its scrumptious!)

15. Actually, malas nak tulis sampai 15...banyok bebeno when I only have little interesting facts bout me...(oh ya, I am a moody person at times!)

The end...

Now, who to tag?? ermm..

1. Syud

Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Are Not Ugly!!! They are!!!

What a terrible notion to address someone...oh goody, I never thought that they can be judges..if only I were there with you at that moment.., you could have my shoulder to cry on...I'm sorry my friend...I could feel your sadness....

To "them", one day, the wheel will roll back down.. If they are on top today, sooner or later, they'll be at the lowest level where people can easily lay their feet down. You will be on top dear! Cry no more will you....I promise, tomorrow will be a sunny day for both of us...

F**K them for calling you with such repulsive name! (Bangang punye orang!!!!). To my dear friend, I am so sorry that I could not be much of a help when you were at the lowest point in your life...

Remember, one day, they'll feel the way you are feeling now! God is fair! I believe in that! No matter what, you will always be my pretty lil have me my fren..
dah dah, jangan nangis lagi...... I tak suke tengok u nangis...

You are not ugly!!! They are!!!