Sunday, August 22, 2010

BEL Group Discussion...

This can be applied to all BEL codes (011, 120, 311...). When you have your topics, please do some reading and research. Make sure your discussion is smooth.

However, this is just for practice in class. For your test questions, you are only given 3-5 minutes to prepare before the discussion! This follows the MUET format, especially for BEL311.

So, keep on practicing....and show me what you got!!!

"Kites fly highest against the wind, not with it!"

"Don't limit your challenge. Instead, challenge your limit!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm sexy...

Yeah...I have a confession..

Today...I feel like a rock star...this IsyaAllah is imminent (rock star)..LOL...

The truth is, I don't have any voice yet to teach... I have yet to start a group discussion with ECD3KI hurts. It's painful. This sore throat is killing me...BIG time!

Please, please, please go away now..."shoo shoo"...

I know I sound sexy...that it makes me irresistible..Huhu...seriously! I have a feeling that...with a voice like mine (temporary), even the diva; Mariah Carey must bow before me! Huhu...(how wishful)

Ok, I ought to leave now...I still have some markings to do (Outline for ECD3KIs)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is happening to me?

Urgh.... I don't feel well...

I don't feel good....

Yucks....the vomit..look at that mess!!!

I think I am about to vomit now...errgghhh...

I am sick...

I think I have fever....slight but my throat is killing me!!!

oh boy.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is this feeling???

(Sigh)...(sigh agin)...(again, sigh...haiz)...
I know it is bad to start my day with sigh...but...I do not have a precise word to describe my day. Dissapointed? Not really.... my humble opinion, today was brilliantly okay. This week's theme is "Discussive Essay". Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah), my students know the core and the essence of writing a discussive essay (Hopefully....huhu ;p). For last week's outline (Cause-Effect Essay), I think everyone fulfilled the requirement of the format. What did I tell you guys?! "You guys are smart, remember!!?" Say, Alhamdulillah...for everything. I hope things will go well with this Wednesday's discussion.

Absentees? Hmm...let me recall....Rahman was absent. So did Fahmi, Ridzuan, and Afiq. Do you have valid reason and MCs?! What happen to you guys??! I am worried. I hope you can catch things up with your friends. REMINDER: Your final submission of term paper outline is dued this Friday (13/8/2010)-In class!

BEL011...ACPD1B...Dissapointed? Not really....I was out of tune for a bit...Perhaps I was not feeling well... Come to think of that, I do not feel quite well at the moment. (Sigh)...Snap! Enough Niza, sighing will not get you anywhere!!!

OK. Here's the thing...I am suppose to have a replacement class with them tonight. I already had plan for them. Tonight, we are suppose to watch drama presentation from Mr. Firhan's group at ILQAM (Auditorium 2) - 8.00 - 10.00PM. Nevertheless, due to the latest timetable, my group (ACPD1B) have night classes with a part-timer effectively from Monday to Wednesday... What about my class???! (Sigh).

I feel sleepy. The truth is, I could not sleep last night. Some people from the next house were 'busy' chatting (zip!, zap!, zup!) without considering the late hours...(Sigh). I swear to God, I could hear their conversation...It was something random from 'house rent' to 'chocolate cake'..???? What???! I woke up a bit late...6.50am...and I went to class at 8.03am.

Later, I will be working on some of my students' outlines. I will try my best to help them (in any way). I really hope they can score good for the term paper assignment (InsyaAllah).

Ok. I think I ought to leave this room. Enough with this useless piece of rambling. Till we meet again Mr. Bloggy.

Toodles ~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kejamkah aku...LOLz

Haha...last night I really had fun with my 311 class. Gosht, they were so innocent and worried too much about 311.

What I did was..hehe...jeng jeng jeng...

I gave them their papers...their outlines...and I failed everyone. The average score for the class was 3/10...huhu...I told them that they failed for the outline part....

I was expecting some girls to complain or argue about their marks...but...came to my surprise, a boy....was looking extremely worried..

"Sir (restless+hopeless+helpless gesture), I can't afford of getting C this semester..."

Haha...lolz...that was funny....It was Amin I think....His partner is Hasif....Chill out guys!!! There's nothing to worry about...In my humble opinion, you are on the right long as you meet the requirement...

The mark???! What's with the mark? Haha...the truth is only, the average was 3/5...Obviously, you were not paying attention to the briefing which I did on the first week, remember?!...After this, please refer to your scheme of work ok...and remember the time line....Yeah, please remind me if I forget to fulfill the requirement of the scheme of work ok!!;p

The thing is...I enjoy teaching all of you...It is nice to joke around sometimes to see whether you care about your study and stuffs...Huhu..

Before I end this piece of rambling, please forgive me guys! I am sorry students...weee~~~

p/s - Remember, your final outline is to be submitted by next week (the latest is on Friday, 13 August 2010). Please attach your sources together with your outline ok!

Thank you...;p

Sunday, August 1, 2010

In class....

As I blog this entry,I am supervising my students in class. It is Monday, 2 August 2010. I had a BEL311 class previously. What I can say about the previous class is: POLISHED. I certainly hope that they are now completely understood on how to actually write an academic essay. I hope they can write good and appropriate hook, thesis statements, topic sentences, supporting details, paraphrasing and also acknowledging the source of their essays.

Now I am in my second class of the day; BEL011 with ACPD 1B. This week is about rehearsing and preparing for next week's drama performance. The drama night for this group is on Thursday (12 August 2010). For the other group (BMPD 1N), it is on Friday (13 August 2010). I really, really, really hope they can perform. I am trying to be as flexible as I can in awarding good marks for them. Nevertheless, I really need to supervise their progress.

What are they doing now? I guess...they are still practicing and memorizing their lines. I must say, all of the groups are creative. I really am looking forward to see them perform. Here are all groups' drama titles:

1. Love at the First Sight
2. Fall for You
3. Saradella
4. Raya, Raya, Raya!!!
5. Anak Derhaka!
6. Tiupan Sangkakala...

What do you think? Creative and imaginative right?! Huhu...I cannot wait to sit and enjoy their performance. 

To all, best of luck and may you guys succeed!!!

I believe in you................;p

Toodles ;p

p/s - What a weird thing to do in classroom....What am I doing??? I am blogging!!! but I am also watching you guys practicing okay! I REALLY need to see your progress!!!

Before I stop writing my piece of junk, I have an announcement: My ROOM is at L3-46. Feel free to drop by...huhu...

Bye for now...huhu....