Friday, November 2, 2012

Dilemma: I need a date!

Hiya peeps,

(Sigh). I started with a sigh merely because I do not know how to express this feeling. Stress? Not quite. Worried? Maybe. Anxious? Probably. Oh snap, it's a dilemma! Why oh why...

Let me start. There will be a gathering soon with some friends I used to know. Walking down the memory lane, I suppose. Some sort of reconnecting with old flings and also new friends within the group. I was invited.

It is scheduled to be on 15 November 2012. NEXT WEEK. I did say "Yes" last time when it was pre-scheduled. The reason being? Hmmm... everyone was waiting for my response and I did not want to look lame. Urgh... (Knock on my forehead)

The thing is, my ex is going to be there. My EX. My goodness, I really do not want to be there on my own and face the awkward music alone. At the same time, I do not want to cancel the trip. So not cool. Everyone will be there with their partners except me. How awkward that is?! :(

I need a DATE. Will someone be my date, please... I know, I know...I am such a loser at this junction but I am desperate and I do not want to go through the awkward moment alone where everyone is laughing and enjoy the trip with their special partner and I'd be laughing alone while looking at the phone screen (thanks to the invention of hand phones that helps us go through most awkward situations). 

Running away is another option. Somehow, it shows that I'm a coward if I resorted to that scheme. Might as well I just say "No" in the first place. Back then, I did not know that my Ex is going to be there!!!! Uwaaaaa.... what have I got myself into this time? Disastrous disaster, that is!

Again, I seriously need a date for this upcoming 15/11/12. I am serious. This is not a joke...well, it is..but the joke's on me. I know. Pretty please (I'm doing the blushing eyes won't be able to see it though). 

Ok, that's all for my dilemma. 

Toodles :)