Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Which one should I opt for? I'm lost... Ya Allah...
What a dilemma. When there are few options laid in front of you to choose in the nick of time, you become lost. You don't know what to do. You don't know where to start. You don't know where to seek help and advice. You don't know to whom should you refer to. 

What should I do now? What should I do next? Where should I go? What, who, where, when, which, how?????  (Sigh) (Sigh) (Sigh)... :(
Should I go for this Fellowship scheme, UMK?

Or should I go for Tamhidi Teacher/1-3 year probation period before fellowship offer (limited post)

OR should I go for this instead. MARA sponsorship scheme. Going abroad. Hmm..

I am so lost at the moment. Limited time. Limited sources. What should I do? Where should I go? I need a lifeline..... :(

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pssst kamu...

I love you, I do... be my special one forever please :)

"I miss you when there's no reason to, how much more if there is? 
I miss you when we talk, how much more if we don't?
I miss you after we're together, how much more if I see you never?
I love you now, how much more later?"

Hiya peeps,

This is a literal post for such literally and significantly sweet gestures made by a superbly special person in my life. Ignore the poyo-ness level of this post. :-)

You woke me up this morning. I think that is very sweet. I swear, no one has ever woke me up except for my family. Normally, I would do the calling and waking up stuff to people. But this morning, you woke me up. Hmm..come to think of it, you are the first to give me a wake up call in the morning. Seriously, you are so sweet... and adorable too.

I am currently attached to doing this crappy AKNC thingy, but as a distraction, I am writing this entry in the hope that Pn. Saadi might think I'm busy doing my report. Hehe.

Pssst kamu
Hey Kamu,
Come a little closer
Yes kamu, come a little closer, please...
Psst, let me whisper in your ear
Let me tell it to you softly
so that no one else will hear
What I have to say is private
and is just between us two;
I just want you to know:
How much I love the things you do
How much I love the things you say
How much I love the songs you sing
I love you.

That's all for now. Toodles :-)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Something Special: A Special Ride

 Hiya peeps,

What's been buzzing lately? Well, MH370's SAR is still on, apparently. People are still wondering what happened actually?! Debates on HUDUD implementation are still hot on the stove. Unfortunately, 'they' need to study and re-study the hudud that suits our current needs. Bravo. 

Anyway, yesterday, I had this privilege of  riding a bike. Wait. Not a fancy kind of bike. A very basic instead. The bike has four step-on gear (basic) and only one step-on brake pedal. LOL. I was confused at first (which is which). Oh, not to mention, I almost hit a car yesterday! Oops. So much on being good in handling! (&^%$# that car!). But, I am telling you... it was AWESOME! Honestly. I really enjoyed that. After more than 10 years, I finally had the chance to ride a bike...on my own!!! That's a lie actually. It was under 'professional' supervision of course! Are you crazy?! You want me to die?!

This bike, hehe :P

All in all, I had the time of my life yesterday. It was fun. Thanks to YOU, I had the courage to ride a bike...again. Come to think of it, the last time I rode one was... 11 years ago. After Form 4, secondary school! Like what???! Seriously. Again, I had fun. Thanks a million. You made my day. Everyday is special with you around, though. :-)

Then, we went home, just right before maghrib with some "mempelam muda" (mangoes) he collected for his "COLEK" (sweet & sour dipping sauce) treat last night! Woohoo. Oh yeah, that was awesome as well! Thanks again buddy!

That's all for now. Toodles peeps.

p/s - With you, everyday is special :-)