Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still tired and it's a record!

Uwaaaa....I am so tired....yesterday was a great fun but tiring. Geee...I wonder what did I do...ahax... All in all I had fun with my great friends at Port Dickson.. I wish I can show the photos but I don't have it...maybe someone can email me later..

Oh, it was fun, fun and fun! The record? Oh yeah...I slept since yesterday's evening up till this morning... I took some pills yesterday..and nothing seems to wake me up. Tired+Drousiness I think. I woke up exactly at 8.40am this morning. WTF!!!!

Assignments???? Darn, that's the spoil! I wanna have fun like yesterday... Thank you my dearies for the trip!!! I simply love everybody..thanx a million bananas to naz, tajul, ekhwan, tatie, pat, aimi, acad, moja, pie, syud, nad, ella, fifi, syafiq and everyone!!!!! You guys are the best!

ps-Hmm...still thinking about the banana boat *wink and the accident...

Friday, January 9, 2009

In a blink of an eye...

Everyday I wonder and think
How much am I missing with every blink

Is the world spinning so fast
Or is it the time to forget the past ?

‘Cause with every spine
There were happiness and moments that stood still

Many questions poured everyday into my head
Why don't the people care who is alive and who is dead

Why don't they open their eyes and see
That the world is changing while they are sitting in front of the TV

I guess we are drowning in our desires
Without knowing that there are some countries that are still on fire.

-a poem by Hana Kent.


If you are so smart, you wont be here...and fighting to win the first prize.
If you are so good, that makes me second to none in the same GOOD game. Go figure that.
If you think that you're thinking, you won't be caught in action last night. Dot.
If you are laughing at me, I already laughed at you yesterday.
If you succeed, I'll be waving goodbye from where I sit (in front), check your ENGINE first.
If you shine, that's because I spit and wax your brain.
If I'm stupid, that's because I'm sitting beside you, jerk!
If I'm a loser, that's because people like you see me as a trash can, fool!
If I cry, that's because I think I love you, asshole!
So, call me IDIOT as you may, for I will win the first prize tomorrow!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Never Sorry

I’m sorry,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve cried
I’m sorry for every single lie
I’m sorry I was never enough
I’m sorry I just wasn’t tough
Sorry I couldn’t make you smile
Sorry I didn’t make you stay a while
Sorry it was nothing more than sex
I’m sorry I have to call you my ex
I’m sorry you broke my heart
I’m sorry I tore you apart
I’m sorry we can’t get along
I’m sorry, I cry to every song
I’m sorry I hide when you come around
Sorry I hang my head, eyes always on the ground
Sorry we couldn’t make it
Sorry I just couldn’t take it
Sorry we never meant much
Sorry you LOVED to touch,
Sorry you couldn’t see past my looks
I’m sorry for every part of me you took
I’m sorry for all the pain you’ve caused
I’m sorry I let you in at all,
I’m sorry I pushed you away
I’m sorry you don’t deserve me in any way
I’m sorry we will never again meet
I’m sorry this as far as we will see,
Never past the words I’m sorry to the broken trust
Now all I see is the way you lust
I’m sorry we just weren’t meant to be
And I’m sorry you feel you never hurt me
What I’m sorry for most of all,
Is how I’m just say sorry, I haven’t been sorry at all.

a poem by victoria martinez

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a day...Maybank, Molested, Mad-minton...

Today is Tuesday, 6 January 2009. My day started off with me, getting off from bed and took my shower.... Then I headed to Maybank Ss18. I opened an account there! Finally... After that, I went to the nearest pharmacy and bought myself some supplement. I had a good chat with the pharmacist...she's actually from my!

I wanted to go back was too early...So, I took my meander around Shah Alam. Unfortunately, while I was wandering around at Plaza Alam Shah, somebody rang me...It's the same guy from last week!!! His name is Dominique. He called me for a meet and to have lunch with him.

Yeah, that's what we did...after that, we went around Shah Alam with his car...that's when he started to pester me! I can sue him for that sexual harassment! I almost got raped by a 35 years old pervert! He was so boorish to touch me like that. I don't wanna see him anymore!!!

I was petrified. Then I ate again. I had a nice plate of Spicy Nasi Goreng at Thai Fusion Steamboat. I did not empty the plate; however....I was still alarmed of what had happened. If I did not lie about having class at 2pm, I have no idea what will happen next....

Then, I bought myself 3 pairs of long socks...I am bored of wearing the short ones already. I strolled around...n bla read myself at MPH...I figured that I should be getting home…it’s late..I think.

I played badminton this evening (with Naz, Tajul and Aimi). Naz and Tajul insisted me joining them. I did not know how to play. I did not even know how to 'serve'! I think, I was humiliating myself on the court (most of the time)...ahahahaha... Seriously, it was fun and I think, I did quite well...(considering that it's my first time).;p

Now? I am typing this crap...just before I take my shower.

c ya again Mr Bloggy...;p

Monday, January 5, 2009

Stealing someone's someone...

Oho...a new day has finally come! Thinking that I am taking over??? That rather sounds ill at ease... Me? So not...

Maybe it is too soon to share...oh well, I am so pitiable. Desperate maybe. What about the other one? Gosht...twisted already.... or should I go with the 'innate' flow? Should I be considerate? What if my intention is nice..say...trying to save someone else's relationship???! Would that be considered as 'noble'?

I just hope everyone is happy. Even though I am not, I still hope he's happy. I am so sorry for everything which had happened between us. This is not what we planned! I just hope you're doing fine too....

I want to see the multi hued rainbow on the other side of the hill........I wish to be free from this burden! I love you.................................I do.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sakit perut...

Adoi...just my luck, I think. I am so hungry... I am craving to have Nasi..nasi, nasi, nasi... I haven't had them in two days...maybe my tummy is tryin to adjust itself. It's gassy....woooooooo....

Just finished reading the Grammar thingy..tired. It's wall of words....huhu. School has started. Chong is back to school. I hope he's happy. His first day was tiring (Terengganu starts its session on Sunday). His teacher already gave him English homeworks. Oh come on, there r still 10 more months before SPM..ahax..

I am going back this mid-term break. But, someone is asking me to go for a holiday at Genting. I don't's pretty tough though. Family comes first. That's what they say..Who? I have no idea.

Korean pears r extremely delicious! You should try! Tajul bought some's juicy n sweet!!! OMG...scrumptious! Thanx tajul....

What else..oh yeah, condolences to Sufi...I'm so sorry for what had happened. I'm sorry to Naz as well for ur Wan..I hope she'll get better soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why is abbreviation such a long word?

I am bored actually. I need to finish my reading on my Chapter 1-Grammar, yet I opt for having rounds of Korean series.... this my 2009 spirit?

I wonder, if abbreviation is the 'short' version or simplified version of words or phrases, why the word ABBREVIATION is spelled long?

Well, that's just a thought...maybe I was crazy...due to my boredom.

Anyway.... Happy Sunday peeps!