Thursday, August 10, 2017

of kunji and booby.

Di, if I treated you the way you treated me, you'd hate me.

This is s story of an ugly horse and a Pegasus.

One day, an ugly horse named Kunji with its four-beat walking of a two-beat pace came into a shed. There, he noticed other typical boring members of equidae. Suddenly, a divine stallion came in! "Wow, a pegasus!", Kunji kept to himself. That was the first time he saw a legendary creature sent from above.

The pegasus; Booby was a remarkably stunning creature. Kunji would've thought Booby had some kind of potion to make a lot, if not most equus groupies to love him. Himself included. Kunji made his first move. Awkward it was at the beginning. It took him weeks and months to finally pulled his guts together and confessed.

He asked if Booby was free to join him for a cuppa. Beautiful yet bumpy ride with awkward silence all the way through Jengka 'landfill' and Temerloh. Definitely not a best move he could have sleeved off. Owh, Booby did not say yes at the prompt tough. What a bummer.

One fine night, Booby dropped by and had a sleepover. What's next to come? They shared their first kiss. Wow. Awkwardly magical. That marked the beginning of a serious relationship, if not friendship between Kunji and Booby. It was special. It was magical. It was pure. They even went to a magical island together. They did nothing most of the time but those 'nothing' moments were meaningful.

Their flight of happiness did not seem to last. There's always ups and downs. Light and brutal storms hit them all the time. But they survived, even after being struck by Zeus' lightning.

It was just a momentary love story. Like any other love stories, theirs also ended in tragedy. Trust. Infidelity. Unrequited. Under-demeciated. Kunji should have known from the beginning of his place. How can a pegasus fall in love with a shady horse like him?! Letting go is the best way for them in the end.

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